In what ways can a startup be financed?

The illusion of a business idea not only feeds on the motivation to shape that challenge, but also on the need to raise the amount of money determined to achieve this goal. How can you finance a startup by meeting the deadlines you have set?

Collective financing

The dreams of many entrepreneurs come true when the idea transcends the public and, at that time, that vision also acquires a group dimension. This is the basis of crowdfunding: support for initiatives that can provide a common incentive to society. And thanks to the small shares it is possible to reach the established figure.

Savings, family and friends


The direct reference environment, formed by people who not only accompany you with their external reinforcement in your process of creating the company from an emotional point of view, but can also become a point of economic support through the generosity of Some of your income. They can become a habitual way of opportunity that arises from affection as a mood salary.


Especially in those cases in which this form of collaboration is added to the own contribution made by the entrepreneur, you can find the total amount provided.


Business angel


If you are in this moment of your professional life, it is first recommended that you determine how much money you have and how much you need to reach to have the necessary resources for this project. From there, choose the ideal formula to achieve this dream. For example, you can select the support of an investor. You will have to show him the potential of your proposal from the descriptive enumeration of its essence.


Business incubator


These are spaces that reinforce the talent and inspiration of those who are in a creative moment of these characteristics. They can have fully professional work facilities to develop their ingenuity. In addition to this quality environment that facilitates concentration, those interested can also count on the feedback of other experts who provide a process of accompaniment and resolution of doubts.



Some business ideas may be compatible with the freelance employment by the expert who during the project preparation phase reconciles this new action plan in his life, with the extra income from an occupation that gives him the necessary stability in the present to Focus on that possibility. From this vision, this professional exercise can become a means of investing time and money for a purpose other than itself. Ideally, it should be a task with a schedule compatible with this process. For example, a part-time job or a position that you can do from home.

Therefore, there are different ways to finance a startup. If you are at this time, evaluate these options and also request the individual advice of an expert because the best answer comes from a realistic diagnosis of the situation.

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