How to surprise a customer

The surprise factor increases a consumer’s interest in a business that seeks this emotional experience as a way of differentiating itself from other stores in the sector. This type of experience reinforces the memory of a special situation in which the person feels valued.

Original packaging

This type of commercial initiative reflects perfect attention to detail. It is essential in any context, but the lack of care in this aspect can still produce a more negative effect in an online store. When the consumer receives the order at home and feels that the presentation does not meet their expectations. An attractive wrapper adds value to the inside content. The idea of ​​a packaging with an original design is a possible option to consider.

Customer Support

The positive assessment made by a customer in relation to the interest shown in the catalog of an establishment should not be conditional on the fact that he has finally bought a gift or a product. It may happen that you have only consulted information. Regardless of the circumstances, the surprise factor is also linked to human resources when selecting professionals with excellent customer service skills for the performance of work in the business.

Special campaigns

The celebration factor is part of people’s lives through different events linked to calendar days. Around these periods, it is advisable to increase creativity to arouse the interest of customers through discounts, marketing or renovation of the shop window decorated in such a way that its simple image invites those who pass through the area in a physical trade. The same example of visual information can be moved to the online context of a store.


When a business owner reflects on those experiences of his life in which as a consumer he can observe real examples of moments in which he has felt the illusion of buying in a business, facing the opposite situation of the loss of trust in an establishment You can also get answers around how to model the essentials to surprise your own customers. And what is that indispensable characteristic that shines above any other? The closeness with each person seen as unique, and not as one more number. Therefore, emotional and social intelligence is important.

Event organization

In life itself, this emotion is closely linked to the memory produced by the unique moments. Happy experiences leave a lasting mark. In relation to this catalog of experiences, a business is also part of the present of its customers through the initiative of thematic events.


Although there is finally a single winner, participation in an idea of ​​these characteristics increases the interest of those who have imagined the possibility of being rewarded on the date of the same. A surprise that can not only take place during the Christmas holidays.


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