How to evaluate customer satisfaction

A customer is free to decide where he wants to make his purchases. And you have many different options in the market to choose from. The consumer places his trust in points of sale to which he gives a positive assessment through his experience. One of the values ​​of local commerce and neighborhood stores is proximity and personalized attention. Qualities that also help a family business to assess customer satisfaction through the training of those in charge of this task. How can a store know this perspective to implement improvements and maintain successes from this vision?

Online satisfaction questionnaires

Through this document that directly appeals to the sincere response of the participants, a business acquires a complementary look. It is important to select questions that emphasize this shopping experience and also take care of the duration of the survey. It is advisable to develop a short questionnaire because the opposite option can negatively influence participation. This tool should not only be analyzed in its content, but also in its presentation since its image also communicates.

Mysterious client

Another of the usual practices is that in which a professional who goes to a store to make a purchase in his role as a buyer, actually performs a function of evaluating the quality of the service. It is someone who collaborates with the company to fulfill this mission and transform the information provided into a key to continuous evolution. Workers who are part of the workforce and who perform this care are not aware of when they are facing this circumstance. The mystery shopper, through the presentation of its analysis, will offer the company observations related to its proven point of view.



Social networks

The new technologies provide companies and customers with new meeting points through communication in these social spaces . The management of these channels also helps a business to receive feedback from those who share opinions and ratings. This professional management of social networks is effective in assessing customer satisfaction.

Although each person is different and there are unique queries, it may also be the case that an entity answers frequent questions to which it can give a clear answer through the corresponding section of usual questions presented on the business website. The management of social networks is a responsibility that, like any other, also performs with greater level of success since training and prior preparation. A specialist in this field can transform this information into a useful reading.

How to evaluate customer satisfaction by integrating this ingredient in the project? There are different means of support to achieve this purpose. These are some of the resources you can use by previously establishing the objective to be achieved, the necessary investment and the budget available for this purpose.


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