What Is The Diffrence Between BANKER & CUSTOMER


  • “Bank is an institution who performs the following functions:
  • Acceptance of deposits,
  • Advancement of loan,
  • Issues and pays cheques,
  • Transferring money from one place to an other”.

(Sir John Paget) “BanK is a dealer in debts of its own and other people. It accepts 7             the deposits of people and lends to the needy”.

(Prof. Crowther)

(Ui) “Bank is an institution which deals in money. It accepts deposits from its clients and makes loans and advances to them for productive and non-productive purposes in need”. It accepts deposits at low rate of interest and lends at high rate to earn profit.



  • “To constitute a customer there must be some recognizable course or habit of dealing in the nature of regular banking business”.

(John Paget)

  • “A customer is one who has an account with a banker or for whom a banker habitually undertakes to act as such”.

(Dr. Hart)

(Hi)       “Customer is a person who has some sort of account either deposit

or current account or some similar relation with a banker”.

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