Angels and their duties: 10 things you need to know

Angels and their duties: 10 Must-Know  – Pillars of faith in Islam there are 6 cases and one of them is faith in the angel of Allah SWT. The point is to believe in the angels of God, although the angels of God are unseen creatures created from light or light and cannot be seen by the naked eye, but angels are also one of God’s creatures that we must know.

There are many angels that Allah created like the angels of death, but what we must know as Muslims are 10 names of angels. No one knows the exact number of God’s angels. The discussion this time we will focus on the 10 names of angels and their duties.

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  • 1Angels and their duties: 10 things you need to know
    • 110 Angels of God and their duties
      • 1.11. Angel Gabriel
      • 1.22. Michael Angels
      • 1.33. Israfil Angels
      • 1.44. Angel of Azrail
      • 1.55. Angel Munkar
      • 1.66. Nakir Angels
      • 1.77. Angel of the Raqib
      • 1.88. Angel Atid
      • 1.99. Angel Malik
      • 1.1010. Angel Ridwan
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Angels and their duties: 10 things you need to know

Let’s discuss it complete here about angels and their duties.

10 Angels of God and Their Tasks

The names of angels that must be known include:

1. Angel Gabriel

The task of the Angel Gabriel is to convey the revelations given by Allah to the Prophets and Apostles. There is a verse that explains it in Al-Qur’an surah Al-Baqarah verse 97.

2. Angel Michael

If you’ve ever had a fortune in your life in the form of anything, can be property, health or whatever. Know that it was the angel Michael who shared the fortune. Yes, Michael’s angel’s duty is to share fortune.


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3. Angel Israfil

In the fifth pillar of faith we human beings, especially Muslims must have faith in the last day. Know that at the end of the day there will be an angel who is tasked to blow the trumpet of his name, a sign that life has ended in this world. The angel who got the assignment was the angel Israfil, the trumpeter.

4. Angel of Azrail

Allah says in the Qur’an in the letter Ali Imran verse 185 which reads “every who lives will surely experience death”. Know that it was Malaiai Izrail who was in charge of taking lives.

5. Angel Munkar

When we are dead and in the tomb, there are angels who will ask about the deeds of our deeds when we are alive and will torture us when we cannot answer them, namely the angel Munkar who is in charge of asking about human deeds in the grave.

6. Angry Nakir

Nakir is an angel who has the same task as the angel Munkar, angels Munkar and Nakir have the same task in the grave that is asking human deeds in the grave.

7. Angels Raqib

Humans in this world must have done something good or bad, whether they intentionally or not. Know that there is an angel in charge of recording all our good deeds while we live in this world. He is the angel of Raqib, the record taker of good deeds.

8. Angel Atid

If we were talking about the angel Raqib whose job was to record good human deeds during his lifetime. Another with the angel Atid, the angel Atid has the opposite task of the angel Raqib which records all the bad deeds of human beings while living in the world.

9. Angel Malik

Believe that we all will not stop by this place, this place was created for people who are kufr to Allah SWT, people who are not in His way and never obey His commands, that place is hell. And the angel in charge of guarding the gates of hell is the angel Malik.


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10. Angel Ridwan

In contrast to the above, if we are people who are always trustworthy in the path of Allah SWT, people who always obey His commands and deserve to stop in the paradise of Allah SWT. Know that there is an angel Ridwan, the doorkeeper of heaven.


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