Achievements (achievements, trophies) The Evil Within 2

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) of The Evil Within 2

  • Learn to Survive

Survive the nightmare and everything else

  • Beginner / Rookie

Beat the game on Walking difficulty (or higher)

  • Survivor

Complete the game on Survival Difficulty

  • Against All Odds

Complete the game on Nightmare or higher difficulty

  • You Asked For It … Again

Finish the game in Classic Mode

  • Welcome to Union! / Welcome to Union

Return to STEM

  • Vision / Taken

See a creepy vision

  • Not Running This Time

Defeat the Guardian near City Hall

  • Corporate Psychologist / The Team Psychologist

Find a potential ally on the “Network”

  • Premature Finale

Complete the bloody performance

  • Another Ally

Survive a difficult challenge with the help of a new friend

  • Crossing to the Other Side

Allow the Harbinger to rest in peace

  • Spiritual Awakening

Make peace with your past and present

  • Fire Walk With Me

Find the enemy’s fortress

  • Overcome the Past

No more injury

  • Everything Comes Crumbling Down

Literally find the end of the world

  • Unfortunate Consequence

To do what was needed to save the daughter

  • Backup Ain’t Coming

Complete the “Unusual Signal” side mission

  • Out (in) treatment / Sykes Out

Complete the “Last Step” side mission

  • Finally Free

Survive all traumatic experiences and come to terms with your inner demons

  • Redness / You Got Red in You

First time using red gel

  • Stick it in My Veins

Fully upgrade all abilities

  • Making Things a Little Easier

Use special weapon parts for the first time

  • Now You’re Playing with Power

Upgrade one weapon to level 3

  • Better just nowhere / A Little Extra Kick to it

Fully upgrade one Sentinel Crossbow Bolt

  • They Never Even Stood A Chance

Fully upgrade all weapons

  • DIY / DIY

Doing something yourself for the first time

  • Handyman

Craft at least one item of each type

  • Echoes Within STEM

View all residual memories

  • Doing Some Detecting

Find 20 documents

  • Diligent Reader

Find all documents

  • Half the Stash

Open 16 lockers

  • Cracker / Locksmith

Open all lockers

  • Good to See You Again

Find the Guardian Crossbow

  • Chatting With Kidman

Tell Kidman about all slides

  • Forces and means / Powerhouse

Find all standard weapons

  • All in the Family

Find all the mysterious items

  • Coffeeman / Caffeine Addict

Use all coffee machines at least once

  • Weeding / Thinning Them Out

Defeat 30 enemies

  • Clearing a Path

Defeat 60 enemies

  • Smoke Assassin

Defeat 3 enemies using Upgraded Smoke Bolts

  • Shock Therapy

Immobilize an enemy in water with an electric bolt

  • I was waiting for you … / Wait For It …

Defeat an enemy from an ambush

  • Lei, Shoot, Burn

Defeat at least 2 enemies at the same time using spilled fuel

  • Bootable Offense

Trample to death 15 fallen foes

  • I Am The Night

Defeat 10 enemies using stealth kill

  • Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer

Avoid unnecessary bloodshed around the city hall (chapter 5)

  • Death From Above

Defeat at least 2 opponents at the same time using the hanging lamp (chapter 9)

  • No More Playing With Fire

Tearing the True Believer Out of His Beloved Occupation (chapter 11)

  • Melancholy Memories

Recalling all your past (chapter 12)

  • I’ll Take You Down Myself

Have a barbecue with your own brazier (chapter 14)

  • That Cinematic Feel …

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