Eternal Puzzles: Into the Abyss and Back, Entertaining Mechanics

The final block of riddles-puzzles in the game

The final puzzle solver in the card game Eternal .

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To the Abyss and Back (Changing Zones)


  • Play Predator’s Instinct with Worldpyre Phoenix.
  • Kill Inquisitor Makto with the hitman.
  • Due to the being played, the Sandglass Sentinel gains an attack bonus.
  • Place the Guardian of the Incinerated World (Worldpyre Phoenix) again and apply the hunting skill to the enemy unit.
  • Attack with a normal attack with the Sandglass Sentinel.


  • Attack with the Yeti Snowslinger. You will receive a Snowball.
  • Spread out Obrak, the Feaster.
  • Complete the turn.
  • Sacrifice Yeti Snowslinger at the start of your turn.
  • Apply the snowball to the Humbug.
  • Play Haunting Scream and haul your Yeti out of the abyss. He gets a flight and a dash.
  • Attack with both units. Get one more snowball from treachery and finish off your opponent with it.


  • Play Pyroknight. Use her ultimate.
  • Combust the warrior to kill the Copperhall Shieldman.
  • Play Shadowlands Guide and take a card from the discard pile. Use her ultimate again.
  • Equip the Warrior with Jack’s Knife.


  • Put on the Shepherd’s Horn. Read its properties carefully and pay attention to the decrease in the cost of units.
  • Play Cult Aspirant, Xenan Cultist, and Xenan Fanatic.
  • Declare an attack with all units. Your Dawnwalker will be dropped, as will the Lurking Sanguar. When doing so, they will receive a + 2 / + 2 bonus from the cultist.
  • Play Shadowlands Guide. This unit will remove the Lurking Sanguar from the discard, as its cost will be zero because you attacked with two units.
  • Since the unit’s attack is more than five, Dawn Wanderer will also come out of the discard with it.
  • After that, you will be able to deal enough damage with the Fanatic’s special tool, you just need to end the turn.


  • Play Inquisitor Makto.
  • Use Combust on it to kill an enemy unit.
  • Kill your Soulfire Drake with the Torch. This will give a Dash to Makto who gets into your deck, because his Revenge does not end.
  • Use Tinker to give + 2 / + 2 bonus to your Makto.
  • Play Card Challenge Accepted! (Rise to the Challenge). Get Makto out. He will get another +2.
  • Attack the enemy.

Entertaining mechanics (Odds & Ends)

This section will contain three puzzles of each rank.

Bronze 1

  • Play Rakano Stranger, Praxis Stranger.
  • Deal Flash Fire damage to your opponent.
  • Attack with a unit.

Bronze 2

  • Play Finest Hour on a unit.
  • Spread out the Combrei Emissary.
  • Play the spell Seek Power, then the rune, then repeat.
  • Equip the unit with the Elder’s Feather and attack.

Bronze 3

  • Use Rigtheous Fury on the Sandstorm Titan.
  • Use it to block one of the Ticking Grenadin. Thanks to double damage and stealing life, you will not die.
  • Equip the Morningstar and attack.

Silver 1

  • Play the rune of order.
  • Play Vodakhan, Temple Speaker.
  • Declare the attack in units and discard the Privilege of Rank card.

Silver 2

  • Use Synchronized Strike.
  • Use Dragonbreath on Striped Araktodon to kill an enemy unit.
  • Attack with the False Prince.
  • Play the spell Bad news. Your units can attack again.

Silver 3

  • Declare an attack with all units.
  • Use Annihilate on your Crownwatch Paladin.

Gold 1

  • Play Diplomatic Seal, choose the Rune of Time. Complete your turn.
  • Play Diplomatic Seal, choose the Rune of Time. Play Praxis Stranger and then Sand Warrior. Complete your turn.
  • Attack with two units. Apply Accelerate on Champion of Wisdom. Complete your turn.
  • Play Champion of Wisdom and immediately attack him along with the rest. Complete your turn.
  • Attack again.

Gold 2

  • Play Stonescar Stranger, Skycrag Stranger. Then Grinva, Judge of Battles.
  • Attack with Dawnwalkers.
  • Play Alpine Tracker.
  • Play Seek Power, pick up Time Sigil.
  • Spread the Forsworn Stranger. After him, he will pull the units out of the discard.
  • Put on the Bloodrite Kalis and attack.

Gold 3

  • Play Second Sight. Put back in the Firebomb deck.
  • Play Trailblaze. Place the bomb on the bottom of the deck.
  • Play a rune and then spell Seek Power.
  • Equip a Spiked Helm on a unit.

Diamond 1

  • Play Cobalt Acolyte and use it on the enemy (!) Sandstorm Titan Avatar.
  • Play Violent Gust on the Avatar, as he technically has a flight.
  • Deal the last point of damage to the Avatar with the Stormcaller.
  • Attack with your flying units.

Diamond 2

  • Play Trail Stories. Reduce the cost of the spell Call of the Ancients, then play it.
  • Play Sauropod Wrangler. This will reduce the cost of your units by one.
  • Place the Crownwatch Press-Gang and take a Titan from the deck. Play him: he can attack at once.

Diamond 3

  • Play Detain with Rolant’s Honor Guard.
  • Use Scare to change his attack and health, thereby destroying it.
  • Play Minotaur Duelist and stun the remaining unit.

Champion 1

  • Play Magus of the Mist.
  • Use Polymorph on the Sculptor himself – a creature that the dragon obeys. Complete the turn.
  • Equip the Cloudsnake Saddle on the dragon.
  • Declare an attack, and as soon as the enemy chooses blockers, use the fast spell Talon Dive.

Champion 2

An interesting puzzle based on the Means to an End property of the relic card. Every time you gain health, you discard that many cards to discard. You need to fill 25 units to destroy the enemy. Let’s get started!

  • Play Decay to remove a relic from an opponent.
  • Spread Sporefolk. Then sacrifice it with Devour.
  • Collect the Sporefolk from the Dark Return dump. Play it again.
  • Duplicate this unit with Mirror’s Image.
  • Play the rune. Then use the Excavate card. Put back any card.
  • Declare the attack as the Oasis Seeker unit. This will discard the last card from the deck.

Champion 3

Another fun puzzle where you need to keep the cost of The Witching Hour as low as possible. This is how it is done.

  • Play Talir’s Choice and heal yourself.
  • Attack the West-Wind Herald with a unit. Play the discard spell again in the same way.
  • Play Hall of Lost Kings and Grenadin Drone.
  • Use Bloodrite Kalis.
  • Play Torrent of Spiders.
  • Use Grim Return to pull the Grenadin Drone out of the disc again, play the card.
  • Fine! The Witching Hour is now free. Play the card.
  • Use the Pale Rider unit with the hunting property to kill the enemy unit, then attack yourself.

Congratulations! At the moment, these are all the riddles that are in the game.

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