Achievements (achievements, trophies) Assassin’s Creed: Origins

List of all achievements (achievements, trophies) Assassin’s Creed: Origins

  • Get it all! / Earn Them All!

Get all trophies

  • First Steps

Complete the Prologue

  • I’m Just Getting Started

Complete the main mission “Aya”

  • The Sea

Complete the main mission “Pompey Magnus”

  • The Scarab

Complete the main quest “Cheating the Scarab”

  • The Hyena

Complete the main mission “Hyena”

  • Crocodile / The Crocodile

Complete the main quest “Mouth of the Crocodile”

  • Lizard / The Lizard

Complete the main mission “The Face of the Lizard”

  • The Siege

Complete Main Quest “Aftermath”

  • Wake up! / Wake Up!

Finish the episode with the vision of the main mission.

  • Almost There

Complete the main quest “The Last Judgment”

  • The End

Complete the last main mission.

  • I’m a Legend

Equip only with legendary weapons and armor

  • I’m Done Learning

Enable Master Level Ability

  • Head baked / Overheating

See the rain of beetles in the desert

  • For Those About to Die …

Complete all battles in the Crocodilopolis Arena.

  • You’re in deep trouble! / Fatality!

Defeat an arena boss with a Furious Strike

  • Ben-Hur

Win the first race at the racetrack

  • Road Rage

Destroy an enemy while driving at the racetrack

  • The Harder They Fall

Defeat the War Elephants Ketesh and Reshef

  • Slasher

Defeat 3 opponents with one hit

  • The Arrow Whisperer

Defeat an enemy with a Predator bow from a distance of 60 meters or more using an arrow

  • Words of Wisdom

Find all the Hermits’ Hideouts

  • Circle of Life

Feed the carnivore a corpse

  • Seven Farmers

Complete the Seven Peasants side mission

  • Holiday / The Festival

Complete the Death Bringer side mission

  • Shadow of Egypt

Defeat 10 enemies in a row without being detected

  • Shmyak! / Smash!

Break 100 objects

  • I Know My Land

Open the whole map

  • Raider of the Lost Tomb

Inspect the tomb

  • You can see my house from here! / I Can See My House From Here!

Find the “Top of the World” in the Black Desert

  • Set-up Date

Lead a tamed lion to a crocodile

  • Where is my black flag? / Where’s My Black Flag?

Defeat 8 ship captains

  • Reporter / Reporter

Take 1 photo each in 5 different territories

  • Too many conditions / Overdesign

Defeat a poisoned level 35+ enemy with a torch in 30 seconds or less

  • Free as a Bird

Apply eagle mode altogether for at least 30 minutes

  • Triathlon / Triathlete

Swim 1,500 meters, ride 40 kilometers on horseback or chariot, and run 10 kilometers

  • Archer of the Month

Headshot with a bow while in the air

  • BOOM! / BOOM!

Defeat 30 enemies by hitting a jar of oil with a fire arrow

  • Driver’s License / Rider’s License

Use all types of transport at least once

  • Old Habits

Complete all zones

  • Escape by flight! / Run For Your Life!

Run 3 times from angry behemoths

  • Elementary, My Dear Bayek

Uncover the secret of the papyrus

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sell ​​100 trinkets at once

  • Namaste

Speed ​​up time 30 times using the skill “Dawn and Dusk”

  • You still need 8880 …

Reach level 20

  • Stargazer

Complete 12 stone circles

  • Master Diver

Complete 15 Underwater Zones

  • Defy Authority

Defeat Filakov

  • Handy Man

Craft 20 items

  • Arrrrrrr! / Roooaaarrrrr!

Tame the lion

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