List of all achievements of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India

List of all achievements of Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India

  • Romantic

Complete Part 1.

  • Is that all already?

Complete the game.

  • Kind-kind assassin

Finish the game without killing.

  • Master of disguise

Finish the game in hard + mode without being noticed.

  • This will be useful to me

Search 100 enemies, dead or alive, without being noticed.

  • Smoke in your eyes

Go past 100 enemies using smoke bombs.

  • Murderer

Perform a kill streak (200 enemies).

  • Neutralization Master

Neutralize 100 enemies.

  • Invisible

Pass 100 enemies using Helix Disguise.

  • Surgical precision

Kill 100 enemies using the Helix Blade.

  • Shadow

Earn a Shadow: Gold style rating 30 times.

  • Assassin

Earn a style rating for Assassin: Gold 30 times.

  • Neutralizer

Earn a style rating for Neutralizer: Gold 30 times.

  • Exact calculation

Earn the maximum score multiplier in any part of the game and save it for the next two stages.

  • Fast rescue

Save Hamid in 5 minutes in the third part.

  • Faster than lightning

Complete the fourth part in 9 minutes.

  • Accurate shooter

Neutralize the guards with mortars in the eighth part without taking damage.

  • In the china shop

Complete the ninth part in 7 minutes.

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