Assassin’s Creed Origins – The Hidden Ones Main and Side Missions Walkthrough

In this article, you will find the walkthrough of all the main and side quests in the first major expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Story missions

The invisible and the land of Turquoise

Recommended Level: 38

How to unlock: Talk to the person in Memphis

Rewards: Opening a new area

Start the mission by talking to the person. It is located in Memphis, next to the boat. When approaching him, he will call you by name. After talking with him, you will find yourself in a new area – Klysma Nome.

The mission will begin after you reach the new zone. You will need to find the entrance to the hidden rooms. Use the Sena to find the mission target.

Inside you will find a lot of papyri that you won’t need for this mission. Keep looking for Tahira. You must talk to her. She is in a small room with a lamp – the quest ends after the conversation and you have access to three new missions.

Where slaves die

Recommended Level: 39

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Rewards: 22,500 experience points

At the beginning of this mission, talk to Tahira. She will give you a target. Takito is in the enemy camp. I advise you to use silent kills. And also in the camp you can use a crossbow and shoot all the enemies, but you still have to approach the target and finish it off. After that, the cutscene will start. Watch it and return to Tahira to talk.

After the conversation, you will need to kill all the soldiers to clear the camp. You can get help from the rebels if you free them from captivity before the battle. After the battle, talk to their leader to complete the mission.

Ruler walls

Recommended Level: 41

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Rewards: 15 thousand experience points, legendary bow

At the start of the mission, you need to talk to the woman at the old watchtower. She will give you a target. Your target is Commander Ampelius. There is only one problem here. There is one more person of the same kind. Senu will help you and will mark both goals. Now you need to guess. If the first target turns out to be wrong, then use Sena to find the second. The mission will end after the death of Ampelia.

Setting sun

Recommended Level: 43

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Awards: 15 thousand experience points

Warning : There is a bug in this mission that prevents you from completing it. The bug starts in the second room when you need to move an object to the journal. To fix the error, simply go to the main menu of the game and load the save.

Note: if the error persists, then just repeat the above action.

Talk to the right person. He helps in the construction of the pyramid. After the conversation, you need to find this pyramid. There will be an enemy camp. In the center of the construction site is the entrance to the cave. You need to kill all the enemies in the camp so that your companion can lead you inside the cave.

Inside there will be a logic puzzle to solve. First you need to get to the lower platform. This will allow you to climb to the upper platform. Climb up and from there jump onto the stone lying next to you.

In the meantime, your interlocutor will go to the platform. Return to the first spot and place the three objects on the platform. Thanks to this, your companion will be able to get to the very top after you stand on this platform.

When both are at the top, you will notice another part of the cave to explore. Slip under the wooden planks. You will find yourself in another part of the cave. Hamilat will be able to go further after you deal with the wooden structure on the left.

Jump onto the block. From there you can see wooden planks on the wall – smash them with your sword. There will be a wooden structure inside with stones inside – pull it out onto the platform.

Cross to the other side with your friend and leave the cave. There will be soldiers at the entrance. Kill them all. Talk to Hamilat. He will order you to kill Ptahmos. You can find this person in the Vilicus Castra location.

No chains are too strong

Recommended Level: 43

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Awards: 10 thousand experience points

At the beginning of the mission, you need to get to the brotherhood of the assassins. During the conversation, the quarter will be attacked and Bayek will be jailed. Aya will come to your rescue. She will tell you where you can find Takhira and Kashta. You need to find and save them.

Tahira will lie in the tent – you need to pull her out and put her on the horse. Kashta will leave this place on its own. Saddle your horse and ride away from the camp.

Such is the lot of tyrants

Recommended Level: 45

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Awards: 15 thousand experience points

At the beginning of the mission, you need to talk to Amunet and then follow her. She will lead you to the attacked village. Here you need to kill all the soldiers. After killing all the enemies, you can deal with Rufio at sea. Before that, I advise you to kill a few soldiers to make the fight with Rufio easier.

Greater benefit

Recommended Level: 45

How to unlock: Complete the previous mission

Rewards: 15,000 XP, Legendary Light Bow

You must talk to Amunet at the start of the mission. She will lead you to her camp. Inside you can find Jemilat. Use the Seine for searches. He must die. Start fighting him – he will try to push you into the water with his shield. If he manages to do this, he will start firing a crossbow at you. You need to get to the crossbow on the opposite side and start shooting back. After that, you will be able to approach him and use the sword. Repeat this sequence until victorious. After killing the enemy, the cutscene will start and the last mission of this add-on will end.

Side missions

Shaquilath’s uprising

Recommended Level: 39

How to unlock: Talk to the NPC

Awards: 12 thousand experience points

To start this mission, you need to talk to the NPC. He will ask you to find a ship. After finding it, you need to investigate it – look at the broken shield, chest, papyrus and cells on the opposite side of the ship.

Now you need to get to the underground outpost and save the prisoner. Untie him, and he will lead you out of the camp and tell you where you can find Shaquilat. Talk to her. During the conversation, the village will be attacked – kill the invaders and walk with the woman. The mission will end after a leap of faith at the end of the path.

Respect your brother

Recommended Level: 40

How to unlock: Examine the corpse

Awards: 8 thousand experience points

This is a simple mission – you need to return a human corpse from an enemy camp. Take the body out, put it on the horse and ride to the top of the mountain for the funeral.

Shadow of the Assassin

Recommended Level: 42

How to unlock: read the papyrus

Rewards: 8 thousand experience points, legendary mount

In this mission, you need to get to the cave, which is occupied by soldiers and talk to the slave. She will tell you how to find Harv and ask him to kill him. He is engaged in the slave trade in Arsion. After killing him, you will need to free the child from the cage.

Screams of the dead

Recommended Level: 40

How to unlock: Talk to the musician

Awards: 12 thousand experience points

After talking with the musician, you must find the old man and talk to him. He will ask you to transport the corpse to a safe place and bury it there. After that, you will hear a strange sound. Find the source. Seth makes the sound. Defeat the enemy to complete the mission.

Scarab shadow

Recommended Level: 44

How to unlock: Talk to your child

Awards: 20 thousand experience points

You need to talk to the girl at the beginning of the mission. She will ask you to kill two warriors. They move around the map and are at level 45.

After killing two warriors, go to the desert and find the corpse of a horse. Examine the traces of blood that will lead you to the camp. Get off the horse and look inside. There you will find footprints. Follow them and you will find yourself in the temple. During the inspection of the temple, Kawab will attack you. After the victory, Bayek will talk to him and convince him to join his cause. This is the end of the mission.

Song of Sea Moot and Hert

Recommended Level: 44

How to unlock: Talk to the running man

Rewards: 12,000 XP, Legendary Camel

After talking with the man, go to the Urin cave and find the letter. Read it and go to the hyena lair, which you will have to clear.

There will be a painting inside. Look at it and read the letter on the side. Another letter can be found in one of the rebel camps. You can easily enter there and take the letter. The next letter is in the canyon. Kill the soldiers and go inside. There you will find a papyrus. After that, you will have to get to Si-Mut. He will order to find two underwater treasures. Senu will help you with this. After finding the treasure, approach his camel and watch the cutscene that will complete this mission.

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