8 things that often make us fight with siblings

Having a family is the most beautiful gift in life. With parents who always loved us and siblings who grew up with us, childhood can be so much fun. There may be times when they are annoying, with their ‘weird’ behavior but that’s what brings us closer. If you do not trip and joke, not siblings name. They are the ones who make us feel, joy, laugh and yearn.

There are several things that will make siblings fight. But still there is always laughter in their midst, these quarrels will not deny that they are siblings who definitely have a bond with each other. Small quarrels are able to become their own color in the brotherhood, and it is considered natural, they will only be beautiful memories that can make us laugh when we grow up. Which things have you done?

Do you still remember? There are 8 behaviors that will make siblings fight

  1. Fight TV Remote
    ‘War’ is among the most popular among siblings. If on weekends, usually the children are in front of the TV early in the morning. Because they are not in school they have time to see their favorite shows. Even though they are siblings, they still have different tastes. That’s where the start of war for them. Neither one of them wants to budge, they will defend each other what they want. The older brother does not want to give up, and the war will become even more fierce. Have you ever realized and asked your conscience “why don’t we give in”?
  2. Strange Behaviors (Fun)
    Unlike other people, when they were siblings, each of them was never ashamed to do something that was considered dirty though, one of which was releasing the wind (farting). In fact, there are those who deliberately enter their siblings’ room just to release the wind and cause pollution. The one who let go of the wind would laugh out loud, the one who received would show an irritated face. While muttering “you do not have much work to do”.
  3. How to Talk
    People with siblings are most reliable in these chapters. Where else do we learn jokes or learn self-reflection if not from our own brothers. Sometimes we talk seriously, but our brothers respond with jokes (teasing and laughing). Then he would submit a request to repeat the words earlier, while showing an offensive facial expression. There will be the beginning of his anger. The anger is there, but the sense of humor is there.
  4. Old Picture Memories (Photos)
    In a family, we will definitely have a photo album that will be a memory later. There will be many pictures of us as babies, children, and so on. Of course there will be some pictures that might make us feel embarrassed, and this will be a ‘weapon’ to laugh at us.

There we will start to criticize each other and also make fun of each other or laugh at each other. One said “you didn’t have teeth before” the other “you didn’t have hair before, there were lumps anymore”. In the end it will make us quarrel. That’s how siblings feel.

  1. Struggling to Go to the Toilet
    In the morning there was chaos, because each one wanted to wake up late. Each of them told the other person to go to the bathroom first. In the end they will be late. If the mother or father starts showing off, then they will blame each other. So that the quarrel will color their morning.
  2. Striving for Favorite Foods
    Stress is true when there is a favorite food but with other siblings. Even if the father or mother is prepared enough, there will definitely be dissatisfaction. The word size is large, small, and varies. That will be the debate.
  3. “Who is the Last …”
    The ‘last’ one eats, tidies up the leftovers. The ‘last one’ woke up, crashing into the bed. Who is ‘last’, what to do? We don’t know why we are competing with such strange things. But still that’s what we do. If we’re always first, that’s fun. But if it became the last one, wouldn’t that be a fight?
  4. ‘Show fangs’ if there is no father or mother. 
    Usually when mom and dad have outside events, the responsibility for taking care of their younger siblings will rest with the oldest sibling (oldest brother). Indirectly, it will make the older brother start putting his condition in order to be obeyed by his siblings. Younger children (small) must behave well and obey what the older siblings say. If not, then the brother will report it to mom or dad. When a younger sibling commits a mischief or mistake, the older brother will scold him, and act like a mother or father.

Interestingly, younger siblings are usually cunning and there must be a way to respond to their actions when the opportunity arises. When mom and dad come, the little brother will start complaining, and make the father and mother scold the older brother. Because basically the small ones will be understood better, because they are still small. That’s where the older siblings get angry and annoyed at their younger siblings. So that quarrels are inevitable. The older sibling will mutter “why am I always being blamed” Without us realizing that we are a big brother who would certainly understand better than a little brother who doesn’t understand anything. But that’s how brothers and sisters are.

Even though they often fight, they still love each other,
who grow up with those who know how we really are. They also know what our phobias are through our experiences and weaknesses, criticizing each other, differing in opinion. However, there is still no shortage of love for siblings. Even though it’s the same as we struggle with each other, but they are the ones we trust the most. Brother is the hardest person to accept when we will be separated for a long time. They are the ones we love the most. They keep our secrets and believe in our true strength.

Even though the family room and responsibilities are increasingly separated from time, cherishing special moments with siblings is the most beautiful. Even though we often fight, there is always love stored up. We will be happy when he achieves what we want, we will definitely feel the pain if he experiences trouble. When together there will always be someone who makes us fight, but when we are apart there will be a million longings in our hearts. Isn’t that strange? But that’s brother!


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