Towards a Happy Family, Here Are 10 Things You Must Do

Having a happy family might be a dream for many people. But in reality there are still many families out there who may not have been lucky or have failed. I don’t know why various problems will just arise, whether it’s a matter of principle, a different outlook on life and so on. Among the many household problems that arise, have you ever asked your own conscience, what should you do to make your family happy?

Having a happy household is not just based on luck or chance alone, but there are several factors that you must do. Actually this is my own true story. I have experienced for myself how painful it is to have parents who often quarrel and even become violent. Really traumatized me.

I can’t stop thinking why that happened, where did their love go? It all makes me have a dream, that if one day I live in a household, I want to have a happy family. I do not want my children to experience something like mine.

Now I am married, and I have three children. Thankfully, until this moment our family is still blessed with happiness. Of course, with 10 lists of secrets that I have applied so far. And it has proven to keep my family happy today. For that I want to share tips with you, so that you also have a happy family like mine. There are 10 things that I apply, so that my household remains happy:

  1. Mutual Trust Mutual
    trust will be able to become a strong foundation for living a married life. Without trust, it will only create prejudice which will lead to quarrels. Don’t overly trust hunches that aren’t based on facts or clear evidence. With mutual trust, it will be able to create a happy family. Being vigilant is necessary, but not too much.
  2. Good
    Communication Communication is a very important part of the household. so make it a habit to talk about everything that you have experienced, whether it’s fun or not. Because then, you will get used to communicating.

Without communication, it will only create misunderstandings that can develop into suspicion, so that the problem will become longer and protracted. So, it is very important for you to always maintain an open line of communication with your partner.

  1. Ability to Compromise
    There are times when we are able to give in and do not hesitate to say sorry to our partner. Even if it is not entirely your fault, don’t let our hearts be controlled by the ego which will make us both hard and maintain each other’s egos. It will only make the dispute even longer.

But you don’t have to give in to everything, sometimes you also need to defend your principles, if you feel right and deserve to be defended. Saying sorry, may make your partner feel melted, so that he will be able to appreciate your generosity. That way the problem will definitely be resolved quickly.

  1. Deal with Problems Quickly
    What is called living in a household, will not always run smoothly. There will definitely be such a thing as small problems that color our married life. even though the problem is small, but never take it lightly. Even though it’s a small problem if it’s left for long it will also be big right? For that, immediately solve your problem. Delaying will only make matters longer and more complicated.
  2. Learn How to Argue
    When we are experiencing disagreements, it is certain that it will make us emotional until it will lead to anger. If you’re angry, anything can happen. Shouting, speaking harshly, even to physical violence. If so, it will be difficult for you to return the situation to normal. Therefore, try to be more patient in accepting his anger, you don’t need to answer every single one of his statements.

If necessary, you can choose to go for a moment to get some fresh air, while thinking more deeply. After feeling a little calm, then you can continue your argument, of course, more calmly and patiently. With a calm mind, you will definitely solve the problem without screaming or using your hands. In essence, you must be able to learn how to properly argue against your partner.

  1. Learn To Give Space To Couples
    Give your partner alittle room to do what he likes. As long as it is a positive and harmless thing, be aware that we are humans who must have their respective hobbies. So don’t ever force yourself on your partner. Understand that loving doesn’t mean that she has to be around us all the time. By giving a little space, to your partner will make your partner feel appreciated and that, will have a good impact on the integrity of your household.
  2. Accepting the Lack of a Partner
    If you feel happy about the strengths that your partner has, then you also have to be ready to accept his shortcomings. Because basically, no human is born perfect. There will always be such bad habits in humans. But as long as it is still a natural thing, of course we must try to accept it. Instead of forcing him to change for the better as you wish, you better learn to accept it.

Even if you change it for the better but still that means you force him to do what you want yourself. Good for you is not necessarily good for your partner. So try to accept the shortcomings sincerely.

Maybe that way, he will be able to change himself later. Because I feel that it’s not a good thing. Don’t ever try to change it and make him feel bad, but remind him what the bad habit will cost him.

  1. Be Encouragement For Your Partner
    When our partner is experiencing bad things, we should give encouragement in the form of support and motivation. To make it easier for your partner to get through it, you know, the support of your partner will be more valuable than anything in this world. Don’t be like dangdut song lyrics, there is money, unfortunately, no money is kicked. We must be able to be an encouragement for our partners in any situation.
  2. Staying Intimate
    By staying intimate will definitely make your relationship last. So you must be able to maintain your affection for your partner. That way, your partner will always feel happy around you. So there will be no chance for your partner to look elsewhere.
  3. Always Romantic
    After marriage it may be a little difficult to be romantic to your partner. What’s more, if you already have children, it must be even more difficult. So you have to be smart to divide your time, between work, children and when to make a partner. You must be able to find the right time to give your partner a surprise or gift that can make your partner happy. Even though you are married, never forget to always be romantic.

If you are able to do the 10 things above, I am sure you will have a happy family. Because family happiness is a good start to create future generations who are strong, faithful, intelligent and will also be able to grow up to be good children in the future.


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