8 Moments That Make Us Miss Mom

There is no denying that marriage is our happiest day. Without realizing it, it will also be a starting point for changes in our lives. When we have found a soulmate, whom we will invite to step together, it will definitely make us feel happy. As if we have found a purpose in life. It cannot be denied that the heart feels impatient to look forward to that happy day.

But after that day came, for some reason tears continued to flow. Even we don’t know what those tears mean? Happy tears or sad tears because we are leaving our home, family, especially mother? On that happy day where the atmosphere was so busy with the attendance of the invitees, but somehow only the look on the mother’s face was visible. At a glance, you will imagine all the memories that have passed with your mother and other families.

In an instant it seemed as if that happiness disappeared somewhere. Isn’t this a strange feeling? Even so, this is still a natural thing, and almost everyone who is getting married feels this feeling. Of course, couple service will definitely not be the same as how we are raised by a mother.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, each has a special relationship with their mother. Usually we sometimes disagree and always stick around. But sometimes we will just start to ‘feel’ lost and miss our mother after marriage.

Here are 8 moments that will make us feel the most of a mother’s love, especially after getting married and living separately.

  1. When We Get Sick
    Back when we were sick or just had a fever, mom always had time for us. He seemed to be our first ‘doctor’. In fact, he will not hesitate to treat us like little children and no matter how old we are. Mother will massage the head, make porridge, “force” us to eat. And will make sure we get enough rest. How many times will he come to our room just to make sure we take the medicine? It feels calm and comfortable when I see your mother’s face.

But after marriage and being away from mother, we can no longer feel that. When we are sick, all of that will be remembered, and it will make us miss mom.

  1. When Watching Dramas / Movies
    If there is a drama or film with the theme of mother’s love, the heart will be touched quickly. And I wanted to quickly call my mother and hear her voice. There were some scenes that weren’t too sad, but I don’t know why the tears kept falling. You want to be around your mother, don’t you?
  2. When ‘CRAVING’
    Desire is not the only case for pregnant women. Pregnant men or women will always want to eat mother’s food. Sometimes mother’s dishes are simple. But when you ask for a recipe and cook it yourself, it’s never going to happen! (It just won’t taste the same).

Want something, want to go back to that day, just to enjoy Mom’s cooking. Even though you only eat tofu and tempeh, it will be very enjoyable. It is true that even the greatest chef can not match the delights of his own mother’s cooking.

  1. During Pregnancy and Childbirth
    During pregnancy, most women feel that a mother will understand our difficulties better than a partner. After all, the mother is a woman. Surely he will understand more about what we feel when pregnant. When talking to mom, nausea, leg pain, backache, fatigue seemed to disappear.

What’s more, just before childbirth, the pain will make us realize that that’s the pain that our mother felt when we gave birth to us first. It will make us understand even more that how much a mother struggles to make us exist in this world. And it makes the heart miss mom even more.

  1. If There is a Problem
    Sometimes when there is a problem with someone, be it with a boss, a fight with a partner, or a misunderstanding with your mother-in-law, of course it will make us feel sad. There are times when we are too tired, tense or stressed, and we need calm or just need a place to complain. Just want to express yourself and ask for advice. In times like that we will really need a mother to lean on.

In the past, all things we could say to mom. But when we’re married, maybe it’s time for us to sort things out on our own. And maybe now we are more closed because we can no longer be selfish. The strange thing is, even though we don’t tell, usually a mother will know what we feel without us having to tell.

  1. When You Feel Lonely
    Life after marriage will usually be busier. Lots of things to do. From very early in the morning, even until late at night. There will always be things to do. Even though we are busy, there will be times to feel lonely. For example, when eating alone (a partner is working or having other business), or when driving his own car, moments like this we will remember our mother. What is he doing now ???
  2. If
    you succeed in getting something you wantIn addition to sad times, when you get success (success) you will also miss your mother. For example, if you can do a promotion, when you can offer to study abroad, when your child gets good exam results. As if impatient to tell the news to mother.

It is a mother who strengthens our spirits to this day. If it’s possible, you’ll have a hard time too!

  1. During Mother’s Day Celebration
    22 December 1953 was designated as Mother’s Day. This was done because she remembers the hard work and sacrifices of a mother to raise her children. And it’s certainly not easy to do. Every December 22, people compete to say and give gifts to their mothers. Such an atmosphere made me remember my mother.

When we are near him he will shower us with affection. But if we are far away from him, he will always say a Prayer so that we will be well.

That’s why even though we are far apart, mom is still the number one we look for. Remember whatever success we achieve thanks to mother’s prayer. Love your mother while we can ..


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