10 great reasons why we should all dance more often

Dancing is a real wellness therapy, did you know that? In fact dance and dance, if on the one hand they are a fun pastime, on the other hand they are also an important opportunity to do more movement and to allow us to feel better both physically and emotionally.

Maybe we never loved dancing much , or maybe we didn’t feel up to it in some situations and we gave up too quickly to test ourselves or, more simply, to have fun to the rhythm of music.

Dancing could become our favorite activity: we just have to find out. Here are some of the main benefits of dancing. Has anyone who dances already experienced them?


  • Stimulate endorphins
  • Improve coordination and flexibility
  • Make new friends
  • Regain self-esteem
  • Express yourself
  • Discover a new talent
  • Know new cultures
  • Make more movement
  • Lose weight
  • Live the emotions

Stimulate endorphins

Dancing combines two activities that allow our body to feel better and activate the production of endorphins: exercise and listen to music. So if you love both of these activities, why not try dancing and dancing a little more often?

Improve coordination and flexibility

Maybe you don’t really like playing sports, going to the gym and engaging in common physical activities. So, to improve movement coordination and flexibility, you could sign up for a dance class , if this type of activity appeals to you more than running or training with tools.

Make new friends

Enrolling in a dance class is a good opportunity to make new friends . Especially if you have moved to a new city and are feeling a little lonely and if dancing is already your passion, taking a class will help you meet new people with the same interests as you.

Regain self-esteem

Maybe we think we are not able to move even one step in time to the music, but the reality could be very different. If we love music , why don’t we try to interpret it while dancing? We could be amazed at ourselves and in this way we would also be able to love each other a little more.

Express yourself

Thanks to dance and dance you can express yourself and your creativity. It is not necessary to become a dancers who perform on the stage of a theater: you could very well try to dance in your room by letting yourself be carried away by the music just for the sake of letting yourself go.

Discover a new talent

Are you sure you have already come into contact with all your talents during these years? There may still be some skills you haven’t discovered yet. You may find that you can easily follow the rhythm of the music with your movements and quickly become skilled dancers in the style of your choice.

Know new cultures

There are many types of dance and dance. So when we think about this type of activity, let’s not limit ourselves only to ballet or modern dance. Let’s go to other countries of the world and try to take into consideration, for example, belly dance and Indian dances. Thus the dance will also become a cultural enrichment .

Make more movement

Perhaps our life is too sedentary and we have realized that we do not get enough movement during our days. So here is a good reason to move more without getting bored and choosing a dance style that we like, to practice on the type of music we prefer.

Lose weight

sedentary lifestyle could be related to weight gain. Here then is that those looking for an activity that tones the body and helps it to eliminate a few extra pounds can turn to dancing. So you can keep fit with fun.

Live the emotions

Dance is used as a therapy that helps rebalance emotions . If we love to dance, dance and dance can transform for us in a way to vent anger, to overcome fear or to express other emotions that risk remaining closed in us. So then we will feel better.

by Abdullah Sam
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