6 tips to help you win more often in Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone is one of the most popular online modes and types of gameplay for Call of Duty, which is provided and distributed free of charge and does not even require the purchase of the main version of the game.

6 tips to help you win more often in Call of Duty Warzone

This is a battle royale mode in which the player must land in dangerous territory along with other players and fight for survival until there is only one player left on the map.

The difficulty is that everyone lands without weapons or any equipment, and everything needs to be found on the game map.

Warzone mode can be played alone or with a group of friends.

Despite the fact that such matches are quite spontaneous and random, from the point of view of luck, finding something valuable from the first minutes of the match, what decisions your opponents will make, and so on, and in order to significantly increase your probability of winning and provide mw3 boosting, you need to follow 6 simple rules.

Land correctly

Many players, when choosing a landing place, act either too adventurously, or, on the contrary, very carefully, which can greatly interfere with obtaining resources or survival at the very beginning of the match.

If you immediately start landing in large areas, such as warehouses, hangars and cities, where initially there are always a lot of resources, then there will be a high probability that a large number of enemies will land there, and real chaos will begin, in which the chance of survival will not be very high, especially if You are a newbie.

On the one hand, this is an excellent chance to practice your shooting skills and quick decision-making, but you need to be patient, since such battles with frequent and quick deaths will be very exhausting, but on the other hand, if your main goal is boosting in Modern of Warfare, then With such a landing, you will quickly decide the fate of the match – either you will kill all the main enemies and bring the game to its logical conclusion and top 1 status, or you will quickly lose and go look for another match to obtain more favorable battle conditions.

It is also bad to choose a more secure format when you land on the outskirts of the map, where it is difficult to find weapons at the start, but it is safer because few players want to risk such a long distance, from where they will need to quickly leave after the map begins to shrink and not a fact, that there will be a sufficient number of weapons at that point.

Choose places where there are two or three positions for replenishing resources and immediately rush to look for weapons that are capable of long-range combat – pistols, automatic weapons and assault rifles – they will help you take a quick battle and provide you with space to find full-fledged means to continue Warzone match.

Learn to quickly collect loot

There are no problems with resources and weapons in Warzone, but many players at the beginning of their gameplay spend too much time looking at equipment, or choosing which is better, which leads to frequent deaths.

The principle is simple – grab all types of weapons until you reach the assault rifle and its cartridges.

  • Look for accessories like a scope and silencer to increase your hit rate and conceal your shooting position.
  • Grab first aid kits and armor modules, they will help in recovery after the battle.
  • Take grenades and use them to knock out dangerous points with enemies.

Be tactical

If you start running chaotically around the map and not thinking through your steps, then you will quickly get your well-deserved bullet.

Remember that there are a large number of enemies around you who can sit in cover and look for opponents who can be eliminated in order to reduce the overall level of danger.

If you want to ensure yourself a Warzone boost, then learn to use cover, move stealthily and do not act aggressively unless necessary, because you can easily die at the hands of the wrong enemy against whom you launched your attack. Try to shoot from a sitting position, or look out from behind cover; the more you can hide your silhouette, the less likely you are to get a fatal, or any bullet at all, on your hero.

Consider the circles

Remember that Warzone, like any other battle royale, will begin to narrow its territory and all players must correctly understand the final points, to which the game map will shrink and everyone who finds themselves outside of them will begin to lose health and must move so as not to die without a fight and lose.

Analyze your mistakes

Many players completely ignore the analysis and analysis of their games, although it is thanks to it that you can get a full-fledged MW3 boost, simply by understanding the main points in which you made a mistake.

Start your analysis by determining at what point in the match it ended for you and why.

Choice of position, available weapons, whether there was enough equipment and ammunition, whether you used grenades, and so on.

Such regular analysis will help you gradually reduce the number of errors, which is guaranteed to affect your gameplay.

Follow updates and announcements

Patches and updates are periodically released in the CoD, which in one way or another can affect the game balance and change the priority in finding weapons for your hero in matches.

So, at one time Galil was very popularized, although in many games, such as in CS 2, it is a secondary weapon, which is always inferior to AK and M4, but in Call of Duty it is a full-fledged weapon that is not inferior to SCAR and can be a worthy choice if you are lucky enough to pick it up.

This may change in the future, which is why you need to keep an eye on patch notes – of course, Call of Duty boosting and Warzone are not an MMO RPG and the changes will not be so dramatic, especially considering that there are no skills in the game, but take into account the factor of shooting, accuracy and damage with different weapons it’s still worth it.

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