7 ecological campsites in Spain committed to the environment

In recent years ecotourism has gained ground. It is estimated that the number of families who enjoy their holidays in the middle of nature already exceeds 30% in Spain. However, there are those who go a step further and not only opt for a natural environment, but prefer an accommodation committed to the environment in which they can also teach their children to take care of nature. In Spain there are already some campsites that embrace this concept without giving up the comforts and leisure options of traditional campsites.

1. Ecocamp Vinyols, in Tarragona

This family campsite integrated into an agro-ecological farm on the Costa Dorada, just 5 kilometers from the beaches of Cambrils,It is a safe bet to enjoy a family vacation. The campsite offers different types of accommodation so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs: there are spacious bungalows, plots to build your own tent or park your vehicle, caravans to accommodate a whole family and comfortable cotton tents with enough space for four persons. Ecocamp Vinyols also has a wide program of activities and spaces designed to bring children closer to nature and develop their commitment to the environment: it has a farm where the little ones can feed the animals, as well as a kind of garden with fruit trees where they can learn about the local ecosystem and the arts of cultivation.They also organize talks about the outdoor environment, family cooking workshops, crafts and circus shows so that boredom never feels home.

  1. Eco Camping Arbizu, in Navarra

Eco Camping Arbizu, in Arbizu, Navarra

Sustainability, bio-construction and bioclimatism define the essence of this campsite, located in one of the most beautiful places in Navarra, Arbizu.It has different accommodations, from bioclimatic modules and prefabricated and transportable mobile homes to binka houses and shelters built in wood, pitches for outdoor camping and space to park caravans or motorhomes, all powered by wind energy and heating systems for the winter to base of olive pits. In addition, it offers multiple spaces for children to have fun during their stay close to nature: it has a saltwater pool, a naturalized lake created from silica, stones and sand, and a small garden where the little ones can plant their own crops. as well as a biotope where you can discover how the amphibians of the region live. And for those who are interested, tooEducational courses and workshops inspired by eco-villages and caring for the environment are organized.

  1. Lava Ecological Camping, in Girona

Ecological Camping Lava, in Santa Pau, Girona

Located in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa,This campsite is an ideal alternative for families who want to enjoy a holiday in an environment that respects the environment. The campsite has different spaces to stay, from large wooden bungalows to a camping area and a plot so that you can park your caravan or motorhome. However, one of the areas that children will probably like the most will be the Farm, a space where they can interact with the goats, rabbits, chickens, ponies and horses that live there. In fact, they will have the opportunity to take some of the farm animals out, brush the ponies, feed the goats and donkeys, and return them to their stable in the afternoon. And for those who prefer activities in the middle of nature, the campsite organizes horseback or pony rides in the surroundings andexcursions along the hiking trails so that you can discover the native vegetation and fauna of the area.

  1. Bedura Park, in Lleida

Camping Bedura Park, in Era Bordeta, Lleida

In the heart of the Pyrenees, in the Arán Valley and near the Aiguas Tortas and San Mauricio Lake National Park, this campsite is erected,a perfect destination to get away with the little ones from home. The campsite offers different accommodation options: it has Nordic-style bungalows, wooden cabins, stone apartments and camping spaces to pitch a tent or park a vehicle. However, its greatest distinctive is its commitment to the environment, which is reflected in the use it makes of solar energy to heat the pool and the inexistence of chemicals within the enclosure, as well as in its involvement in the ecological recycling of organic matter. forestry and the maintenance and development of the native forest. Of course, the campsite also thinks about the fun of children, so it has outdoor spaces where they can entertain themselves in a healthy way:there is the Enchanted Forest, where the little ones can make routes, draw and participate in storytelling in the middle of nature, and the Botanical Park where they will have the opportunity to meet some of the native species of the region.

  1. Camping Playa de Taurán, in Asturias

Camping Playa de Taurán, in Luarca Valdés, Asturias

This campsite, bathed by the sea on one side and the mountains on the other, is a good option to enjoy a holiday in perfect harmony with nature. The campsite, which belongs to the Spanish Rural Ecological Tourism network, has beautiful wooden bungalows to stay with the family, as well as plots to park your caravan or motorhome and free camping spaces for you to set up your own tent. The facilities are powered by solar energy, while there are recycling containers and a biological waste treatment plant so that you can responsibly dispose of your garbage. However, its greatest attraction is its multiple spaces and activities in direct contact with nature: next to the campsite there are some native animals that children will be able to get to know, while It has a small garden in which activities are carried out for children between 4 and 12 years old by professional monitors.

  1. Camping Bungalows Armalygal, in Zaragoza

Camping Bungalows Armalygal, in Murillo de Gállego, Zaragoza

If you are looking for a quiet campsite where you can enjoy nature with your family, this is a perfect alternative.The campsite is located in Murillo de Gállego, an ideal environment for activities with children and it only has six bungalows, designed by the town’s artisans, to guarantee your rest and tranquility, although of course, it also has space to park caravans or motorhomes. In addition to its extensive swimming pool, the campsite does not have many leisure spaces for the enjoyment of the little ones, but instead offers a wide range of activities in nature, from cycling routes in the surroundings and bird watching to adventure sports and hiking trails. It is worth clarifying that unlike other campsites and in keeping with its commitment to the environment, Armalygal does not allow barbecues to respect the balance with the natural environment.

  1. Camping La Vall de Campmajor, in Girona

Camping La Vall de Campmajor, in Sant Miquel de Campmajor, Girona

The campsite located in the volcanic natural reserve of La Garrotxa has all the comforts you need during your stay without giving up its program of actions committed to caring for the environment. It has large wooden bungalows, as well as seasonal plots, camping areas and parking areas for caravans and motorhomes. However, one of its biggest claims is its multiple spaces and entertainment options for children in direct contact with nature: there is a farm where they can collect eggs and feed the rabbits and chickens that live there. sessions are organized to collect berries and activities to plant and collect vegetables in the garden. Eco workshops are also offered, such as the plant stamping workshop,the bio-construction workshop with clay and the construction workshop with recyclable material, in which the whole family can participate.


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