What is an ecological house and what does it take to build it?

Today there are real ecological houses, where everything is designed to be sustainable and respectful of the environment.

We have reached such a point in the climate emergency that we should all strive, in our own small way, to live in a more sustainable way . And there are those who have even decided to live in an ecological house : it is not simply a saying, but a real construction that minimizes the impact on the environment in terms of emissions and pollution. An ecological house must respect certain parameters, both as regards the materials with which it is built and the appliances that are used inside it.

Designing and living in an ecological and eco-sustainable house means doing good to yourself and also to our planet, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. In this article, by answering some questions, we will discover what is meant by the term ecological house and also what we can do to go in that direction without upsetting our lives.

  • What should an ecological house be like?
  • What are the materials for an eco-sustainable home?
  • Which appliances to choose for an ecological home?
  • How much does an ecological house cost?

What should an ecological house be like?

An ecological house must be designed, built and furnished in such a way as to guarantee maximum eco-sustainability through the use of the materials used, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and the reduction of pollution and consumption. Since this is a very topical issue, more and more architects, engineers and designers are involved in green building and are dedicated to finding the best solutions to create buildings that are in harmony with the environment and respect it.

The ideal would be that the house was passive  or that it could satisfy the energy needs of those who live in it through the exclusive use of renewable energy : in this case we are talking about zero-impact and self-sufficient buildings, but obviously there are also some intermediate solutions that minimize the negative impact on the environment without however completely eliminating it. As if to say that everyone can do something within the limits of their possibilities to improve their impact on the planet.

The solar panels obviously represent an optimal solution for an ecological house, because they allow to get electricity and hot water energy simply by exploiting sunlight. Of course, a feasibility study is essential and it is important to verify that the exposure conditions of the house allow the use of photovoltaic panels .

What are the materials for an eco-sustainable home?

For those who want to build an ecological house from scratch or for those who want to renovate their own in eco-sustainable terms, great attention must be paid to the materials used. Materials with low environmental impact and with a continuous development cycle must be favored . Wood is undoubtedly the main material in an ecological home, but some precautions are needed: it must be FSC or PEFC certified wood, of quality and produced by companies that respect the environment; furthermore, the cutting of the wood must also take place in such a way as to avoid waste of wood.

Other materials that we frequently find in green building are clay, mineral wool, rock wool and cork . All of them must be strictly of natural origin, so obviously plastic is banned !

Which appliances to choose for an ecological home?

Obviously, household appliances also have their importance in an ecological home, because energy consumption should be reduced as much as possible. The best thing you can do is to opt for appliances that are in the best possible energy class ( currently A according to the new energy classification ). The most important, because they are the ones that consume the most, are the large appliances , such as refrigerator and freezer , dishwasher , washing machine and dryer ,  oven , but in a true ecological houseeven the smallest appliance should be energy saving , so check any appliances you buy, including light bulbs (avoid incandescent ones absolutely).

Finally, it is important that the appliances you choose are smart: home automation, in fact, through the continuous monitoring of consumption and operation, allows you to manage energy in the home in an intelligent way, saving on the bill, but also on the environmental impact. By always having the parameters of all household appliances under control , in fact, it is possible to cut the excessive consumption of water and electricity , optimizing the use of any appliance and exploiting it only for one’s real needs, without waste.

How much does an ecological house cost?

If we talk about building an ecological house from scratch, obviously the costs are very high , which will in any case be amortized over time thanks to the optimization of energy efficiency. In fact, there will be a net saving of electricity and water thanks to photovoltaic panels and rain and domestic water recovery systems.

However, there is not only the option of building an ecological house from scratch, but also that of making the one you live in more sustainable. Here are some interventions that can be implemented to make your home greener.

  • Thermal-tight fixtures tominimize heat loss in winter and cool in summer.
  • Photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity and hot water.
  • Energy-saving and smart appliances, to always keep consumption under control and optimize themavoiding waste.
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