6 Ways Using Technology Can Positively Impact Your Classroom Environment

Technology has transformed the world. Everything has gradually shifted online since the COVID-19 pandemic, including schools. Classrooms today look much different than they did only 20 or even three years ago, as educational institutions rely on technology to stay up to the mark. Here are five ways technology can benefit you and your students. 

1.Improves Management and Productivity

School management systems such as Teach ‘n Go can significantly improve your productivity by helping you organize and plan your lessons, keeping a record of test scores and attendance, and enabling you to interact with students and parents. 

They also enable one-on-one interaction between you and a student needing extra help at home. Additionally, they allow schools to send automated emails or text messages to keep students informed on any important announcements.

School management systems also improve overall school administration by streamlining the fee payment process or allowing students to enroll online. And these platforms are easily accessible to everyone: by simply downloading the app on your smartphone, you can access and manage your classes anywhere at any time. 

2.Allows the Use of Digital Simulations and Models

Some concepts may be too complex for students to grasp just by reading a textbook. This is where digital simulations can be of use. Simulations replicate real-world scenarios, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and encouraging them to analyze critically and make decisions based on their perceived outcome of a scenario. For example, you can set up a simulation where students will be required to help a virtual village fix a broken water pump or help an online city solve its growing pollution problem. 

3.Increases Accessibility to Information

With a simple click, students can access relevant information that might have taken a long time to gather had they been using books as references. This saves time spent on research and allows students to go through multiple references and choose the best ones to add to their work, improving the quality of their assignments.  

4.Improves Collaboration

The use of collaborative technology can help students build their collaborative and communication skills. These are web applications, such as web conferences, digital writing applications, and wikis, that allow students to come up with and suggest ideas to each other. 

Students can collaborate with other students worldwide on various online platforms to work on projects while learning about different languages and cultures. Educational technology, such as online lessons and learning games, creates a collaborative and engaging environment that facilitates learning.

5.Improves Digital Skills

The use of technology is now commonplace in almost every field of life. Since it will play a significant role in their future lives, students need to be familiar with the basics of various programs and software such as PowerPoint, web conferences, and simulations. By incorporating technology-based learning into your classroom, you can prepare students for the future, where they may be required to display their digital skills. 

6.Allows Self-Paced Learning

Traditional teaching methods make it difficult for students to learn at their own pace. Introducing technology-based learning in your classroom will ensure that your students have access to a variety of educational technology at their fingertips. They may choose to study using online videos or platforms that are suited to their individual learning needs and preferred learning style to help them better understand certain topics. Similarly, learning assistants powered by artificial intelligence can also provide students with a personalized learning experience while closing achievement gaps that may exist in your classroom.


From increasing productivity and information accessibility to improving collaboration and digital skills, it is evident that technology has its role in education. As the world advances, we must ensure that students are familiarized with the latest technology in classrooms to enter the workforce as competent individuals. 

by Abdullah Sam
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