All optional Dead Island 2 missions in Bel Air and the Halperin Hotel

How to start and complete all side missions in the Bel Air region and the Halperin Hotel: #Clickbait, Killer Party, Blessings of Civilization, Ruinous Caustic X

In total, four side quests can be found and completed in these regions of Dead Island 2.

#Clickbait (Bel Air)

  • How to start the quest: Amanda is standing on the roof of the Goat Pen in South Bel Air.

When you reach the Goat Pen, you will see and hear explosions. Make your way to the roof of the estate, from where you jumped in through the glass roof on your first visit. In the western part, look for a girl named Amanda, standing on a hill. Come and talk to her. Follow the laptop in the center of the roof and interact with it to play music and attract a crowd of zombies.

To begin with, you must throw six zombies off the roof. You will be attacked by walkers and runners, there will be more than six of them. They will appear until you complete the task. Stand at the edge of the roof to lure enemies here. Then either dodge the runners so they fly past and fall off the roof, or kick them. The ability to strike in flight will be especially useful.

After that, Amanda will ask you to injure zombies, for which you need to aim at their limbs – arms, legs, head. Every time you cut off a limb, it counts towards the overall score. In total, you need to chop off 12 zombie limbs. As in the previous wave, you will fight with walkers and runners. Keep chopping off their limbs until you fill up the meter. After crippling 12 zombies, you will get a new target.

There are fire sources and heaters on the roof. Use them to burn six zombies (they must die from fire). Either stand behind the fire source to lure the zombies towards it, or use the kick to push the monsters towards the fire. In addition, you can kill them with weapons with a fire modification. The third wave will spawn walkers, runners, and flaming walkers. The latter are not afraid of fire. Finally, one crusher will appear.

After defeating six enemies, you will receive a new task. It remains to finish off the remaining zombies, including the crusher. After cleaning the roof, talk to Amanda again to complete the task.

Reward : 1500 experience points, skill card.

Killer Party (Bel Air)

  • How to start the quest: At one of the two gates of Curtis Sinclair’s house is a mansion south of Emma’s estate in Bel Air.

Enter the territory of the mansion and deal with the walkers who are at the parked cars. Walk along the wall of the house to the backyard. Use the Guests this way signs to find the correct route. When you get to the backyard, get a new target. You will see a large number of walkers and connecting rods that will instantly attack you. Soon after, the gas cylinder will explode and all the oil spilled on the ground will catch fire. Throw meat bait into the fire to kill most of the mobs. Kill the remaining mutants to update the task. After destroying the enemies, you will hear the voice of Curtis, who is standing on the balcony of his mansion. Come closer and talk to him.

Go to the southwest corner of the courtyard. There is a small building here with crafting materials and a note. Exit the building and go down the stairs nearby. At the bottom, find and open the door, but be prepared to fight off the walker. After killing him, you will find a broken cable on the floor. To restore power, attack the pipe at the back of the room so that a leak occurs and a puddle forms. On water, electricity will go from one half of the cable to the other. This is how you restore power at home. Return to Curtis to update the target.

Follow the house, go around it and kill the walkers with connecting rods. You must exit to the front of the house and get inside through the opened door. Once inside, you will see Curtis on the second floor, however, due to the destroyed stairs, he cannot go down to you. Luckily, Curtis has an elevator for the disabled. He has to buckle up and go downstairs.

At this point, the doors will open, and you will have to fight off a large group of zombies. Another wave of mutants will appear through the western door. In addition to the usual enemies, a zombie with a unique name (Tony) will appear. Defeat everyone to upgrade the task. Return to the room with the broken stairs and Curtis will start down the elevator. When he gets to the first floor, follow him into the living room and chat as soon as the man sits in the chair. This will end the job.

Before you leave the house, you can use the keys to Curtis’ house to collect the loot. Open the door at the bottom of the stairs. There will be a drawing with a new weapon skill. You can also find a safe, but it requires a key, which you will receive if you return to Curtis’s house through several story missions.

Benefits of Civilization (Bel Air)

  • How to start the quest: Talk to Curtis in the basement of Emma’s estate in Bel Air.

After activating the task, you will have two goals. Head to Colt Swanson’s house – a mansion northwest of Emma’s house (the first building you explored after arriving in Bel Air). When you get to the pool, the task will be updated. Enter through one of the two doors at the back of the mansion, opposite the pool, and head to the dining room. Find a small basement room with a note that will update the task.

Return to the pool and move to the west side of the mansion. During your first visit, the side door was locked, but now it is open. Kill the walker. Go through the door and note the pressure plate on the floor. If you step on it, you will activate the trap. Walk around or activate with a weapon throw. There are other streamers in the bedroom: one is in the eastern part of the room, at the door leading into the house, the other is at the entrance to the dressing room. Find a locked safe and find another note on the locker underneath that will update the current task.

Go through the door to the rest of the house and go down the stairs. Enter the room on the lower right to reach the exhibition hall. There will be a screamer with a unique name (Cindy) in this area. Kill her and pick up the key to Cindy’s safe. Return to the guest bedroom and open the safe. You will receive the whiskey that Curtis was talking about.

Head to the Goat Pen, a mansion in southern Bel Air. Go through the open gate and the front door (or glass roof). Once inside, go down the stairs and check the northern part of the first floor to find a locked wine room. Look in the bar in front of the wine room to get a note. It contains a hint about where to look for the key. Go down the stairs to the games room and find the bowling alley (in the back). Kill the walker named Jamie. The key you need will fall out of it. If there is no key, you will have to break the glass walls of the wine room. Keep in mind that the alarm will go off, so immediately shoot the alarm unit located inside this room.

When you enter the wine room, you will find a screamer. Defeat her and the other zombies she summons. After cleaning the room, search it and pick up a bottle of wine from the rack opposite the door. At this point, Curtis will contact by radio and ask you to find cigars, the task will be updated.

Exit the wine room and go up the stairs to the top floor. Open the locked door on the right to enter the master bedroom. If you don’t have the keys, you can jump down to the balcony of this bedroom from the roof with glass windows. Kill the walkers, look in the dressing room and take the box of Cuban cigars.

Return to Emma’s mansion and chat with Curtis to hand over all the items and complete the side quest.

Reward : 3000 experience points, weapons.

Disastrous Caustic X (Halperin Hotel)

  • How to start the quest: At the beginning of the Legitimate Zombicide quest, you need to answer the distress signal at the radio before leaving the Monarch Studio.

Follow to the hotel “Halperin”. Rav will contact you closer to this building. The task will be updated. Return to the banquet hall where you fought Becky’s Bride at the end of the main quest Room Service for Major Booker. The task will be updated. Rav is standing on the balcony above the doorway leading to the reception. Look up and talk to him.

Exit the hotel and get to the parking lot marked with a marker. You are interested in the parking lot located closest to the huge funnel – the farthest from the entrance to the hotel. There is an ambulance in the northern part. Get closer to update the task. There is a large puddle of toxic liquid next to the ambulance. Destroy the Crusher, Vomiter, Walker and other zombies. After clearing the location, find the document lying on the crate behind the acid puddle. Climb into the open truck next to the ambulance to find water canisters. Wash off the acid with water and take the Caustic X Delivery Receipt document. Listen to Rav.

Return to the banquet hall where Rav was, go to the DJ deck at the far end of the room and interact with it. Mutants will run to loud music. Keep killing enemies until they stop advancing. Listen to the quest giver, look around the room and get a new goal.

You were at this pool on a plot assignment. Move towards him along the marker, where you will receive a new task. There will be a lot of walkers, cranks and runners. Note that zombies in hazmat suits are immune to the effects of toxins. You need to kill 14 mutants by dropping them into the acid (pool). Once you’ve done that, finish off the remaining enemies and return to the banquet hall to the quest giver. The quest will end and you will receive a new Collector’s Record.

Reward : 2500 experience points, a new thrown weapon, a blueprint for a rare melee modification.


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