All Dead Island 2 side missions on the Pier and Hollywood Boulevard

How to start and complete the side missions The Hero’s Journey, Message in a Bottle, Dez and Satan’s Mother, Lucky and Subscription, Red Tide, The Art of War, Viral Video, Beacon of Hope

In total, in the last three regions of the game, you can find 8 additional tasks.

Hero’s Journey (Pierce)

  • How to start the task: on the pier, go to the beach from the lifeguard headquarters and stand under the wooden pier on the right to find a woman who is standing under the pier and calling for help.

After passing under the boardwalk above the water, you will hear a call for help from a woman standing under the pier. Kill all the zombies and then use the stack of gray boxes to go upstairs. You will meet Rita and Bert. Looks like Bert is hurt – chat with him to get a new task. Jump down and kill enemies until you get a new target. You need to visit the headquarters of the CBZ. Use the gate closest to the tower of the rescue headquarters (where the safe zone is located). When you get inside, deal with the Vomiter and walkers in protective chemical suits.

Head east from the gate to find a long row of outdoor toilet stalls. Behind them is a major toilet block. Break the crates between the two stone buildings to reveal a narrow passage. Make your way through the area by destroying the fuse. At the far end you will find a fenced area with outdoor booths. On the ground, look for Bert’s surfboard. As soon as you take the item, you will have to kill several zombies. Return to the rescue headquarters and talk to Rita to update the objectives. Leave this place and return to the beach. Follow the coastline and kill the zombies that have surrounded the rescue tower. Go inside and talk to Bert to complete the side quest.

Reward : 3000 experience points, superior machete, weapon perk blueprint.

Message in a Bottle (Pierce)

  • How to start the quest: Go to the water on the beach to find a bottle with a note.

If you carefully study the message in the bottle, you will find a mention of the Bucket o’ Fish restaurant. First you need to visit this place. This establishment should be looked for halfway along the promenade. You walked past it during the main mission “Beach Dead”. Look for it just behind the long wire mesh walkway with the clown sign over the entrance, opposite the place where you had to climb through the window. Enter the restaurant and go down the stairs. Defuse the trip wire, look into the staff area to get to the pantry under the boardwalk. Look to the right to find a first aid kit and then move on. Be careful as there are yellow canisters ahead that will explode as you approach. Soon you will find a puddle of electricity. Climb up on the boxes on the left to go around the puddle on top and find the electrical panel. Attack him to turn off the power. Go deep into the restaurant and pick up a note. Before you leave this place, go through the door and in the long passage under the boardwalk, look on your right for another door. Open it and move to the end. Go through the wooden supports and find a small room with a collectible record.

Return to the promenade. Go east along the long wire mesh path and you’ll see a crashed helicopter at the far end. This place is reminiscent of the landing pad that the critic was talking about in his review. There is another Pier Grill restaurant next to it. As soon as you get to the restaurant, kill all the enemies and find another review on one of the tables.

If you read it, you’ll know that the critic wanted something fat, nasty, and fast. It’s about fast food. Head to the north end of the boardwalk to get to the desired search area. Now head east to find the Hotdog Shack. When you get close to it, get a new target. In the parking lot next to the hot dog shop, find a bunch of zombies. Among them will be the critic Oliver. Kill all the enemies and the Vomit Critic to get a new skill card and continue the quest. Search the corpse for a collectible note. This will end the mission. On the counter inside the hot dog shop, another optional collectible record can be found.

Reward : 3000 experience points.

Dez and the Mother of Satan (Pierce)

  • How to start the quest: After completing the “Hemline” and “Beach Dead” story quests, you can activate this mission by traveling around the pier with different attractions (you will be contacted by radio).

To start the quest, head to the CBZ headquarters. Use the gate closest to the lifeguard tower (where the safe zone is located). When you get to the territory, you will need to deal with vomiters and walkers. The task will be updated. Walk forward past the rows of portable toilets and shipping containers until you reach the second gate. Go through them, after killing the zombies, and you will see a flash from the explosion in the distance. Look to the right, towards the main domed building of the CBZ. Dez is here. You will receive a new task.

Deal with all the enemies, approach Dez and talk to the woman. Just kill the enemies and then talk to Dez again. Enter the smaller tent located on the right (when facing the main dome) and find the collectible record on the table. Go through the tunnel to the next tent. Here you will find a document located behind a puddle of electricity. Exit the tent and follow the cable to the right to find the generator. Pull out the battery to turn off the power. Go back inside to pick up another note. Another collectible note on the board on the left before exiting the tent.

Exit the tent and deal with the enemies. Get to the next tent and look to the left of it for a generator. Disable it, enter the tent and follow the short tunnel to reach the adjacent tent. Exit the second tent to find a ladder leading to the main dome. We need to look for another entrance. Go through the gate to the left of the stairs. Find an open door leading to the main dome. Get inside and kill the enemies.

Eliminate screamer Juliet, and then get a new target. Dez stands on the east side of the main dome, at the top. Talk to her. You will receive a collectible record. The task will end.

Reward : 4500 experience points, excellent modification of the electric cutter for melee weapons.

Like and Subscribe (Pierce)

  • How to start the quest: Automatically obtained by traveling along the boardwalk with attractions on the pier after the quest “Beach Dead”. Here you will find Amanda.

When you reach the boardwalk with attractions, you will hear the voice of Amanda. She can be found on the roof of the Pier Stop building, west of the bumper cars. Talk to her. Enter the pink building next to the bumper cars and start the attraction. Destroy the required number of zombies using electricity (weapons with electrical modification will do).

Head to the Ferris wheel. Amanda is standing on the roof next to the swaying pirate ship. Talk to her. Deal with the enemies, while you need to cut off the heads of 12 mutants (any weapon). Go through the nearest gate to get to the broken octopus. Talk to Amanda, go to the pier and find a hole in the fence. You must use it to drop 14 zombies into the water.

Once you’ve done that, finish off the remaining enemies and search the area. Talk to Amanda again to complete this quest.

Reward : 4000 experience points, drawing of a rare modification of an electric cutter for ranged weapons, a nail gun.

Red Tide (Pier)

  • How to start the quest: Talk to Carmen in the safe area of ​​the lifeguard headquarters on the pier. She will give a note that will activate a side quest.

To start this quest, head to the CBZ Headquarters. Use the gate next to the lifeguard tower and safe area. When you pass behind them, go forward past the outdoor toilet stalls and containers. Kill the enemies, including the screamer, and open the next gate. From here, head south through the open area to reach a small dome that you can enter. You will receive a new target.

Defeat the enemies in the tent, take the journal from the table, and take another entry from the orange basket. Move down the short tunnel until you reach a dead end. Turn around to find another entry. When all three journals are found, the task will be updated.

Go back outside, kill the enemies and head to the main dome. Head west and enter the open gate next to the main dome. Inside the dome, you will have to kill three butchers. Having done this, pick up a collectible record from one of them. You will receive a new target. Return to the beach and go under the boardwalk to find Cooper’s boat. Kill the enemies and examine the three red containers.

After that, you will have to kill several enemies. among them will be a screamer and a mutator. When you defeat everyone, return to Cooper, search his body (mutator). The mission will end as soon as the last zombie is killed.

Reward : 3000 experience points.

The Art of War (Metro)

  • How to start the quest: Talk to Rose in the safe area of ​​the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue.

Use the fast travel map and move to the “Subway, Service Storage” safe area. The task will be updated. Exit the safe zone and head west until you reach a large tunnel. There are two trains here and there are some zombies. After killing everyone, head to the south end of the area and look for a wall painting (a purple moth, I presume). As you get closer, you will get a new target.

Interact with the laptop and then fight off the hordes of zombies. At the end there will be a couple of crushers and one butcher. After defeating the enemies, you will receive a new goal. Re-interact with the laptop to get a collectible note. Go through the green-lit quarantine door at the south end of the tunnel. Move to the next part of the tunnel and defeat the fuses. Another magazine is lying on the floor by the front door. In the next tunnel, you can open the door with a fuse on the right, but according to the plot of the task, you need to move forward. Kill the enemies and move through the train.

Soon you will come to a large subway tunnel with three trains. The train on the right contains tripwire traps. There are DBD boxes at the end, but it will be empty. There are also traps in the train opposite the front door. At the far end is a mutator, a superior shotgun, and a note that will update the current quest.

Go to the third train, which will be locked. There is a rotting vomit nearby with a unique name. After destroying and searching his body, you will receive the keys to the subway car. To continue, go through the door marked by the target marker. Move through the next room to the tunnel at the beginning of the subway. When you enter the tunnel, you will be attacked by mutants. Defeat all enemies, including Hell Crusher and Fire Vomiter. Search the corpse of the latter to get a note and a key to the DBD chest. Enter the side room next to the workbench. Open the DBD container to get an excellent weapon to complete this difficult task.

Reward : 5000 XP, Superior Ranged Incinerator Mod Blueprint, Skill Card.

Viral Video (Hollywood Boulevard)

  • How to start the challenge: Find the phone on the table in the only safe area on Hollywood Boulevard. You will receive Amanda’s note and be able to start her final task.

When you find the note, you will be asked to meet Amanda behind the stands on the main street of the boulevard. Look for the woman on the raised walkway behind the grandstand, next to the heliport and subway entrance. Talk to her, go north along the small alley behind the stands and interact with the platform on the left, on which there is a laptop. After updating the task, go to the red carpet. As with Amanda’s previous side quest, there are several waves of monsters to fight. This time, each wave will feature at least two elite opponents with unique names. Keep killing them until you refresh the target. In the end, you will have to eliminate the runner Amanda, and then pick up the last record from her corpse. Return to the stands and upload the video to the network to complete the task.

Reward : 5500 experience points, $500 dollars, superior weapon.

Beacon of Hope (Hollywood Boulevard)

  • How to start the quest: Talk to Sebastian in the Safe Zone (Clinic) on Hollywood Boulevard.

Exit the clinic and go to the Old Dynasty Theatre. It is located opposite the helipad and the subway entrance. Kill the enemies to continue the mission. Talk to Sarah, who will appear on a small balcony next to the stairs on the left side of the theater. Go down the subway and make your way to the ticket office. Once you get to the turnstiles, deal with all the zombies and note that the booth is locked with three magnetic locks. Find them on the wires coming from the booth and destroy each one. One is inside the room by the locked door – you need to break the window and throw a shuriken at it. The second hangs on the wall next to the ATM and metro maps, behind the door to the ticket office. The third is located on the other side of the cash registers, under the ceiling. After destroying all three magnetic locks, you will be able to enter the ticket office. Gather materials, note the locked safe, for which you need a key to the safe at the subway ticket office. Look for the spotlight filter on the floor in the far right corner. Pick up an item to update the quest.

Return to the theater and set the filter. Deal with all the zombies that will appear in this place. Gradually, elite enemies will appear, such as the butcher, the screamer, the infernal crusher and the fiery vomiter. When you kill all the enemies, interact with the spotlight to set the filter. Chat with Sarah again to complete her quest chain.

Reward : 6000 experience points, the legendary weapon “The Same Sword”.


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