GTA San Andreas: all side missions and their rewards

These are all the side missions available in the GTA San Andreas version of GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and the rewards you will get when you complete them.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas returns as part of GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition . Of course, among the many things we can do are side missions . With them you can get rewards in the form of money, improvements for your character, vehicles and much more.

These are all the side missions of GTA San Andreas , how and where to activate them and the rewards you will get for doing it.


  1. Beat the Cock!
  2. Races of Mount Chiliad
  3. BMX Challenge
  4. RNG-500 Challenge
  5. Shooting gallery
  6. Valet parking missions
  7. Driving school missions: aviation
  8. Driving school missions: ships
  9. Driving school missions: cars
  10. Driving school missions: motorcycles
  11. Firefighter missions
  12. Trucker missions
  13. Racing missions
  14. Pimp missions
  15. Thief missions
  16. Miner missions
  17. Paramedic missions
  18. Delivery man missions
  19. Train conductor missions
  20. Taxi driver missions
  21. Watchman missions


Beat the Cock!

These missions are triathlon events (swimming, cycling, running). They are two different tests , in both it will be necessary for our character to have a certain level of muscle (if you are fat you have all the ballots to lose).

  • One starts at Santa Maria Beach, near the lighthouse.
  • The other triathlon takes place at Fisher’s Lagoon.


  • $ 10,000 for completing the Santa Maria Beach triathlon.
  • $ 20,000 for completing the Fisher’s Lagoon triathlon.

Mount Chiliad Races

These missions are three races that take place on Mount Chiliad, the highest mountain in GTA San Andreas. They are completed in order , the second being unlocked by completing the first and the third by completing the second. You run a bike , so you better have a good level with these vehicles.

  • Scotch Bonenet Yellow Route (from 07:00 to 18:00).
  • Birdseye Winder (from 07:00 to 18:00)
  • Cobra Run (from 07:00 to 18:00).

There is a way to complete them without winning . It’s about waiting until all the other runners have reached the finish line and, before you get there, using a sniper rifle to kill the 5 competitors (if you use another weapon, it won’t do). By using the rifle, the game understands that there are fewer runners, so you will become the 1 of 1.


  • $ 500 for the first race.
  • The rest are for 100%.

BMX Challenge

This mission is activated by taking a bike in Glen Park, Jefferson and having a 20% skill on bikes .

You must collect all 19 crowns before time runs out to complete the mission.


  • $ 1,000.

RNG-500 Challenge

This mission is activated when taking an RNG-500 in Easter Basin, in San Fierro (to the northwest of the map).

Again, you have to collect all the crowns before time runs out.


  • $ 1,000.

Shooting gallery

These missions are actually marksmanship challenges with certain weapons . They can be carried out in the following Ammu-Nation :

  • Blueberry, Red County.
  • Come-A-Lot, Las Venturas.
  • The Broken, Stolen Land.
  • Market, Los Santos.
  • Ocean Flats, San Fierro.
  • Old Venturas Strip, Las Venturas.
  • Palomino Creek, Red County.


  • $ 10,000.
  • 200 skill points with the weapon with which you overcome the three rounds.

Valet parking missions

These missions are activated by putting on the valet uniform (it is obtained automatically during the story). With it on, go to the mission marker and simply show your driving skills.

There are 4 missions , they all consist of the same thing.


  • Mission 1:$ 100.
  • Mission 2:$ 200.
  • Mission 3:$ 300.
  • Mission 4:$ 400.

Driving School Missions: Aviation

These missions are activated at the Verdant Meadows Flight School in the northern part of the map.

  • Airplane take off.
  • Landing plane.
  • Back to the track.
  • Return and landing.
  • Helicopter take off.
  • Helicopter landing.
  • Destroy targets.
  • Turn of the barrel.
  • Parachute jump.


You will get various flying vehicles depending on how well you complete the lessons.

  • Rustler (plane):for completing all classes with a Bronze rating.
  • Stunt Plane –For completing all Silver rated classes.
  • Hunter (combat helicopter):for completing all classes with a Gold rating.

Driving School Missions: Ships

These missions are activated in the nautical school of Bayside Marina , in the northwest corner of the map.

  • Basic nautical.
  • Draw a Route.
  • Flying fish.
  • Land, sea and air.


You will get several water vehicles depending on how well you complete the lessons.

  • Marquis:for completing all classes with a Bronze rating.
  • Squalo –For completing all Silver rated classes.
  • Jetmax –For completing all Gold-rated classes.

Driving School Missions: Cars

These missions are activated in the San Fierro Car Driving School , in the southern area, south of the Doherty garage.

  • The 360.
  • The 180.
  • Skid and stop.
  • Puncture and control.
  • Quick turn.
  • Dodge the cones.
  • The 90.
  • On two wheels.
  • Turn and go.
  • Detention technique.
  • Alley oop.
  • Walk around the city.


You will get several cars depending on how well you complete the lessons.

  • SuperGT:for completing all classes with a Bronze rating.
  • Bullet:for completing all classes with a Silver rating.
  • Hotknife –For completing all Gold rated classes.

Driving school missions: motorcycles

These missions are activated at the Las Venturas motorcycle driving school , in the southwest area of ​​Las Venturas.

  • The 360.
  • The 180.
  • Little horse.
  • Jump and stop.
  • Jump and stoppie.


You will get multiple motorcycles depending on how well you complete the lessons.

  • Freeway:for completing all classes with a Bronze rating.
  • FCR-900 –For completing all Silver-rated classes.
  • NRG-500:for completing all classes with a Gold rating.

Firefighter missions

These missions are activated when you drive a fire engine . You will receive an alert of a burning object and you must go to extinguish it. It’s about 12 missions in total.


  • Upon completing 12 alerts:immunity to fire.

Trucker missions

These missions will begin by talking to Mr. Whitaker , a character from other installments of the GTA saga. In them you will have to deliver a merchandise without destroying it , and sometimes, it is illegal merchandise, so the police will be looking for you. They start at RS Haul , the Fint County transportation company:

  • Delivery mission 1.
  • Delivery mission 2.
  • Delivery mission 3.
  • Delivery mission 4.
  • Delivery mission 5.
  • Delivery mission 6.
  • Delivery mission 7.
  • Delivery mission 8.

Racing missions

These missions consist of winning a series of races that take place across the map. You will only have to go around each region and locate the silver trophy-shaped icons that mark the starting point of each one:

  • Careers in Los Santos:
    • Badlands A (car).
    • Badlands B (car).
    • Lowrider race (Lowrider car).
    • Little loop (motorcycle).
    • Backroad wanderer (motorcycle).
    • City circuit (motorcycle).
    • Vinewood (car).
    • Freeway (car).
    • Into the country (car).
  • Careers in San Fierro:
    • Dirtbike danger (motorcycle).
    • Bandito county (car).
    • Go-go karting (car).
    • San Fierro fastlane (car).
    • San Fierro hills (car).
    • Country endurance (car).
  • Las Venturas careers:
    • SF to LV (car).
    • Dam rider (motorcycle).
    • Desert tricks (motorcycle).
    • LV ringroad (car).


  • You will get $ 10,000 for each victoryin each race.
  • You will get $ 1,000,000 for winning allthe races.

Pimp missions

These missions are activated when you drive a Broadway … which couldn’t be more tacky. They consist of picking up prostitutes, taking them with clients, and then picking them up . You will get profit for each service.


  • For each job:money (the amount changes).
  • For raising the pimp level to the maximum:prostitutes pay you to have sex with them.

Thief missions

These missions are activated when you drive a Boxville (a large van) and it is between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (this is the only time period where you can complete them). You can find one in Los Santos, near the Ganton gym .

Once activated, they will tell you the house to rob . You must enter and steal, with CJ crouched, steal objects (not all of them can be stolen, they will be marked for you). You can rob in several houses in a single night, but if they catch you, the police will come up to 3 stars directly.


The earnings are based on the items stolen . The amount does not rise proportionally, it is simply more objects, more benefits.

Miner missions

These missions can be activated after Explosive situation, a main mission. After doing so, you must go to the Hunter Quarry, north of Los Santos , to participate in them. These are missions where you clear an area of debris with a bulldozer and a dump truck.

There are 7 missions .


  • Mission 1:$ 500.
  • Mission 2:$ 1,000.
  • Mission 3:$ 2,000.
  • Mission 4:$ 3,000.
  • Mission 5:$ 5,000.
  • Mission 6:$ 7,500.
  • Mission 7:$ 10,000, the dozer and the dumper will always be available in the quarry.

Paramedic missions

These missions are activated when you drive an ambulance . There are a total of 12 and, to complete them, you have to collect the wounded and take them to a hospital .


  • Mission 1:$ 50.
  • Mission 2:$ 200.
  • Mission 3:$ 450.
  • Mission 4:$ 800.
  • Mission 5:$ 1,250.
  • Mission 6:$ 1,800.
  • Mission 7:$ 2,450.
  • Mission 8:$ 3,200.
  • Mission 9:$ 4,050.
  • Mission 10:$ 5,000.
  • Mission 11:$ 8,050.
  • Mission 12:$ 7,200 and max out CJ’s health.

Delivery man missions

These missions are activated by using certain two-wheelers . Be careful, they have to be the specific vehicles that we indicate, it is not enough to get on one of the same type. You can distribute products to get rewards in return. The missions are activated when you get on specific vehicles:

On a BMX in Commerce :

On a Freeway in Queens :

On a Faggio in Redsands West :

Once on one of them, you must throw the packages through some rings .


  • $ 1 for every tenth of a second remaining on the timer at level 1.
  • $ 2 for every tenth of a second remaining on the timer on level 2.
  • $ 3 for every tenth of a second remaining on the timer at level 3.
  • $ 4 for every tenth of a second remaining on the timer at level 4.
  • $ 100 for each package not delivered.
  • $ 2,000 in revenue at Roboi’s Food Mart, Hippy Shopper and Redsands East Burger Shot.

Train conductor missions

These missions are activated when you get on a train (Freight or Brown Car). They consist of braking at the stations , and you will get money and raise your level as a train driver as you do. Be careful because the train can derail if you go too fast.


  • Level 1:$ 150 per mission.
  • Level 2:$ 300 per mission.

Taxi driver missions

These missions are activated when you take a taxi (as a driver, not as a passenger). You simply have to take the passenger to their destination.


  • You will get a tip based on how fast you get there.
  • You will get a bonus of $ 500 for every 5consecutive passengers .

Vigilante missions

These missions are activated by getting into a police car . Some other vehicles also work, for example the Hunter, Buffalo and other military vehicles). It is about eliminating criminals as they indicate it to you.


  • Level 1:$ 50.
  • Level 2:$ 200.
  • Level 3:$ 450.
  • Level 4:$ 800.
  • Level 5:$ 1,250.
  • Level 6:$ 1,800.
  • Level 7:$ 2,450.
  • Level 8:$ 3,200.
  • Level 9:$ 4,050.
  • Level 10:$ 5,000.
  • Level 11:$ 8,050.
  • Level 12:bulletproof vest will go up to 150%
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