What are the advantages of online exercises for educational institutions?

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  • 1What are the advantages of online exercises for educational institutions?
    • 1Pioneering in the digital transformation
    • 2Competitive edge
    • 3Emergency preparedness
    • 4Combining technology with one of the best study methods
    • 5Faculty support
    • 6Adaptation to the new reality of students
  • 2Online activities: a reality in which we cannot help participating

After knowing these benefits, the desire to implement modern and connected solutions only tends to increase!

Pioneering digital transformation

The digital transformation in education is already a reality. This is a context that aims to maximize the efficiency of educational institutions, reduce their costs and the occurrence of errors and increase collaboration between professionals.

In its practical applications we have the virtual platforms of schools, colleges, university centers and universities, in addition to distance education and other solutions aligned with the growing demand for technology in the world, among which are online activities .

According to a MarketsandMarkets study , the global digital transformation market was valued at $ 290 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach $ 665 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% in this period, and education is part of that number.

Although it has been commented on for some time, many educational institutions have not yet adopted the digital transformation in their daily lives. By putting it into practice, which also includes online exercises , you contribute to the development of education at national and global levels.

Competitive edge

Taking the hook of what we mentioned in the previous topic, it is evident that the adoption of new technologies and processes will be something very well perceived by the students of the institution, as well as by those looking for a new place to study.

The whole world is moving towards digitalization and modernization, and if that is still a differentiator today, it may be a necessity in not so long. Therefore, the sooner you adopt innovative techniques and practices, the better the results and the faster they tend to appear.

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Emergency preparedness

The new Coronavirus pandemic has come to show that situations are not always under our control as we think. If being in the classroom to study was something common and that happened every day, today the reasoning should no longer be that.

By adopting the application of online activities , the institution will be prepared to deal with situations of the magnitude of a pandemic, but which can also be simpler, such as normal school days.

That way, when some situation that is out of control happens, an important part of the planning will be already solved and, thus, there will be time to deal with other fundamental issues.

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Combining technology with one of the best study methods

We have already commented here on what are the best study methods today , and the exercises, tests and simulations have appeared as unparalleled options for memorizing the content and thus guaranteeing learning.

This was proven through the study “ Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques: Promising Directions From Cognitive and Educational Psychology ”, published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest .

He showed that any ways that allow students to test themselves, such as practice tests and questions, are great in this regard, that is, one more point for online activities , which still benefit from the power of technology to make them more practical. and effective.

Faculty support

Applying exercises on the blackboard or whiteboard is something that teachers are already used to, but the correction is not so simple, since it is necessary to analyze the notebooks and notes of each student, which takes an important time, be it for correction inside or outside the classroom.

When opting for online school exercises , which can also be used in higher education institutions, teachers have the technology to their aid, so that all of them are available on a digital platform, centralized in the same section.

Adaptation to the new reality of students

The internet is used to pay bills, order food, listen to music, watch movies, play games, communicate with people from all over the world and do countless other activities. There is no doubt that it is fully inserted in our society – and, in a way, it also helps in defining its bases.

Having said that, there is no way to leave online activities out of it. Students live in a connected world, and the natural tendency is for it to spread more and more towards the global digital transformation.

When they realize that they can do their exercises on the internet, students will also have a feeling of belonging, that is, that they are part of that, in addition to having a more positive assessment of the institution in which they study. Such satisfaction can help even with your engagement with your studies!

All of this, in fact, also contributes to the positive image that the school, college, university center or university transmits to society.

Online activities: a reality in which we cannot help participating

The world is striding towards connectivity, technology and modernity. Those who are tied to old processes can be taxed as if they were standing in the midst of so many transformations, which is certainly not positive.
If you want to make online exercises part of the reality of your educational institution, count on Prova Fácil Professor , a tool that brings this and other features, such as a shared question bank, online exam correction and much more. Take a big step towards digital transformation!


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