Tip: Benefits of thinking positively!

Imagine that someone who is usually very positive is suddenly filled with negative thoughts and complains about everything and everyone. Surely that rarely happens?

This is because positive people tend to focus less on the bad and always find something positive in the situation even if a lot is bad. This does not have to mean that you, as a positive thinking person, try to convince everyone that everything is good and nothing is bad. Thinking positively simply means that you are happier and more content and therefore don’t feel the need to find or pick on the dissatisfactions in life.

Reasons to think positively

Not sure if positive thinking is for you? Here are just some of the reasons to be positive:

  1. It will affect your overall happiness

A positive attitude is the key to happiness. As you probably know, money can’t buy you happiness and being on top isn’t always what you think it is. But being positive and grateful for what you have – your home, your health, family and friends, love – can create real happiness. Happiness is an attitude that comes from within. Just as being positive can make you happy, negative thoughts can make you unhappy.

Are you someone who sees the beautiful and positive in everything? Image: Unsplash

  1. It can make you more motivated

By having a positive attitude, you can achieve dreams and goals much more easily. Being motivated is very difficult if you doubt yourself or lack passion, while strong self-belief can propel you forward. A positive attitude makes it easier to reach your goals.

  1. It can boost self-esteem

Your quality of life and how you feel are linked to your attitude. If you think positively, you will feel happier. If you have a negative attitude, you will be unhappy. Improve your self-esteem by seeing yourself from a positive point of view and highlighting the things you like about yourself.

It’s important not to worry too much about what other people think of you. Try not to worry at all about what they think. It’s easy to convince yourself that people are talking about one even though they rarely do. If you have good self-confidence, you will also not think as much about what people around you think and think. If this is something you struggle with, check out the range of personal development courses that can help you raise your self-confidence.

  1. It leads to better health

People who see their glass as half full are usually more energetic and healthy than people who see it as always half empty. Scientists and doctors agree that happiness and a positive attitude are good for your well-being. When you have a positive attitude, your immune system is better, your mind is stronger and your body works better.

  1. It can improve relationships

Last but not least: being positive and happy will affect those around you, which means you can improve your relationships with loved ones by adopting a more positive mindset. People tend to gravitate towards positive people and don’t like to spend their time around people who are negative all the time. Wouldn’t you like to be the one spreading joy, happiness and a positive, uplifting energy instead?

Positive thinking through psychological treatment

Considering how stressful and exhausting everyday life can be, it is sometimes difficult to change your mindset and start thinking positively right away. But there are psychologists who can help you in this and with the right treatment, the negative trend can be transformed into a positive one. You can also turn to a coach in personal development Stockholm if you want to learn how to maintain positive thinking even when it can be difficult.

Take the help of a life coach who can teach you to change your mindset! Image: Unsplash

Positive psychology teaches people to think positively to overcome obstacles in life and become happy. On their website they tell, among other things, the story of a former military officer, Tom Smith, who found these principles very helpful in recovering from life in the army. According to him, the positive psychology workshops he and his military base had helped him become much happier:

“My biggest realization was that if I put a small amount of conscious effort into what I’m doing, I can become disproportionately happy, more engaged and focused. The power of being in the moment and letting my emotions circulate has literally changed my outlook and ability to be more compassion for others. ”

However, positive psychology is not only beneficial in overcoming the effects of military life, it can also be very beneficial in other areas of life and not just for those who work in extremely stressful environments. Another of their case studies is about a teacher who found that the modules really helped her improve her communication with both her students and her own child, and that she felt her teaching in the classroom became better and more inspiring.

A number of workshops and sessions in positive psychology can be found online !

Find a life coach

Via Superprof you can easily find a life coach that suits you! Image: Unsplash

It can be confusing and difficult to figure out how to eliminate negativity from your life and become positive. That’s why there are life coaches who can help you. They will not try to change who you are but instead work with your strengths and allow you to build a positive attitude that benefits your mental and physical health.

Professional practitioners in this field focus on making your world a happier place and give you the tools to get there.

Coaching in general can help you improve your performance, be more productive, achieve your goals, increase your resilience, manage stress, be optimistic and stimulate creativity. A coach can also be good for you who need to recover from depression and want to feel more involved in life.

Superprof currently has quite a few life coaches, so why not check them out? Superprof is an online platform where you can find several tutors and trainers offering their services . On Superprof, you can therefore search for a professional life coach who is in a city near you (or online) and who fits your price range.


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