Gosh, tomorrow is Monday, there are meetings, lots of work, you have to meet with clients” and other fears that make it very hard for you to walk out of the house. When in fact there is nothing we need to fear in the work environment. It is precisely the work environment will offer many life lessons such as, work experience, the right way to negotiate, extensive connections, and also the process of self-development to become a better and successful person.


So many people are competing to find out how to deal with the fear and stress they feel in their respective work environments. It is true that the serious pressure we feel during work needs to be overcome as early as possible. If Career Advice colleagues are facing the same thing, what a coincidence! In this article, we will discuss 6 ways to deal with fear in the work environment.


1. Don’t Underestimate the Rest Time.

Fear and stress are usually present when we feel pressured by work tasks that are getting closer to deadlines and jobs that make us doubt “whether we can finish all the work well?”.


The first way that fellow readers can do is never pass a break just like that.


Fellow readers do not need to do office work during recess. Do not give the excuse “a little more, bear it soon enough”. NO! Rest your laptop, eyes and mind for a moment, then go rest.


In addition, we also recommend that colleagues take short breaks whenever their fellow readers feel stressed, dizzy, depressed or stuck. Take a deep breath, calm the mind and stretch the muscles or even meditate.


No need to linger in taking this additional break, just 5-7 minutes fellow readers can calm the mind again. Take it easy, fellow readers are currently working in the office, not being chased by war soldiers how come hehe.


2. See and Kiss Something That Relaxes the Body.

Most offices do not give the fragrance of the room we like. Often when we set foot into the office building, the feeling of office air is very different from the air and the situation when we are at home. Smell the office immediately remembered the pile of work assignments on our desk, the deadline that was getting closer, and so forth.


So that fellow readers can face this fear, try smelling the fragrance that fellow readers like. For example, the perfume of the aroma therapy room placed on the table, or smell the roses in our flower vase.


So that our minds become more calm, try to open the window and look at the view outside our office. What if there is no good view? Try to open Google for a while, and type “beautiful view” to spoil our eyes for a moment before working.


3. Eat a Healthy Snack or Soft Drink.

When we work, our brains think hard and energy will be drained. That’s why we advise Career Advice partners to choose healthy snacks and soft drinks as loyal friends when doing office work.


By eating snacks and soft drinks, we will be more enthusiastic at work . Not bored, not stiff, we can still work by chewing food and sipping delicious but healthy drinks.


Examples of healthy snacks can be, yogurt, vegetable flavored biscuits. Meanwhile, healthy soft drinks can be green tea and fresh fruit juices.


4. Placing Natural Landscape Photos and Family Photos.

Fellow readers can choose one of the two, or place them both on the work table. Photographs of nature will make our brain and mind more relaxed. Beautiful natural scenery will never fail to make us think more clearly. This is to prove to our brains that life is not always as boring as in the work environment. We come to the office, do work assignments, then return home.


Out there, there are things that are so amazing that nature has to offer us all. In addition, family photos will also help eliminate our fears in the work environment. Their faces and smiles will inject enthusiasm to us at work. We work for them, and we want to make them happy.


5. Interact with Colleagues.

Fear in the work environment is not only felt by ourselves. The proof, people who are already at the management level or even bosses, they also still feel fear when working. In essence, we are not alone in feeling this fear.


Now, the other best way to deal with this fear is to interact with our coworkers, especially when the break takes place. Make sure that our interactions with them do not interfere with their work time.


Try to talk about their hobbies, their weekend activities a week ago, what lipstick they are using, talk about romance, or other things that make you more familiar.


Interacting with people around us has proven to be effective in reducing fear and stress! So, let’s try from now on.


6. Listen to the Sound of Nature or Soothing Music Sounds.

Most of us like listening to music while working. It does not matter, if it does make us calmer and more enthusiastic in completing work tasks that exist. Besides the sound of music, the sound of nature can also calm our minds! For example, some people like to listen to the sound of the flow of water which is very soothing. This can help them think clearly and calm their minds, so the fear will get further away!


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