10 Ways to Deal with an Angry Supervisor

An irritable tutor is a nightmare for many students. Students can be afraid, depressed, and feel dizzy when they have to deal with the lecturer.

In fact, the nature of the lecturer can make them work on their thesis or thesis better and faster.

Just imagine when you have to deal with lecturer A who is easily angered and lecturer B who is very patient. When dealing with lecturer A, you can’t help but be super careful.

Meanwhile, when dealing with lecturer B, you become careless. In other words, the teacher’s agitation also has a positive impact on you.

So instead of focusing on the negative impact of lecturer desperation, it’s a good idea to learn to accept that trait.

Here are 10 ways to deal with an angry supervisor well.

1. Don’t take it to heart

The saying goes that if we can’t change the situation, then we have to change ourselves. The goal, so that we can adapt to the situation. This, too, can more or less be applied to the case of fierce lecturers.

You obviously can’t change the teacher’s character. You might be able to scrape off a little bit of his ferocity, but overall, he’ll be just as good.

Therefore, change yourself. If you are the sensitive type, learn to be more cheeky. Don’t take everything to heart.

And do not linger in shame and sadness after being scolded. Learn to be indifferent even though you have just been scolded all-out.

2. Minimize Errors

There is a reason for the teacher’s failure. Usually what ignites the emotion is when we make too many mistakes.

One or two mistakes might make the teacher frown. But more than 5 mistakes will make you the target of his angry outburst.

Therefore, try to be more careful when showing the results of your work. Make sure you write according to the EYD to provide good, logical arguments.

In addition, the writing of the name of the title to the abbreviation must also be considered. Eits, don’t get me wrong, detailed things like this are very important when we have to face a grumpy supervisor.

Because although not all, but many of them have extra high accuracy.

3. Don’t Make Repeated Mistakes

In addition to avoiding making too many mistakes, you also need to avoid repeating mistakes. Things like this can make your irritable professor very angry.

For example, at the previous meeting, you were told not to use book A as a reference. Because the book is too old. But at the next meeting you instead use a reference from book B which is much older than book A.

Remember, when your supervisor says something, don’t just take it literally. You also have to understand the context so that you don’t think you’re making the same mistake.

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4. No need to argue with the lecturer

Every now and then, you may feel irritated with the teacher. You want to prove that he too can be wrong. However, this kind of action is very risky, you know.

Your irritable lecturer can be very offended by your defiant attitude. As a result, he will make your thesis or thesis even more difficult.

It’s good, you think and act more pragmatic. Especially if you do not want to bother with the consequences that can be very protracted.

5. Occasionally Invite Lecturers to Joke

Someone who gets angry easily doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a good sense of humor. It could be, even though his emotions often rise, your lecturer really enjoys other people’s jokes.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with facing a grumpy supervisor by occasionally making jokes.

Of course we can’t expect that to change his fierce character. But with the right humor, we will be able to win the hearts of the lecturers. And maybe with this strategy, you can reduce the intensity of the agitation.

6. Understand the Character

Apart from having a good sense of humor, a fierce person also has many other aspects to him. He could be fierce but animal lover.

Or, he could be fierce but actually very motherly. We need to understand these characters when we form a closer bond with lecturers.

For example, after a little chat, you just found out that your supervisor really likes orchids.

Therefore, if one day you go on vacation, there is nothing wrong with buying a good orchid seed lecturer. Your lecturers will definitely appreciate these gifts.

7. Be careful when chatting with lecturers

Not a few lecturers who have very strict rules in terms of chatting. They expect their students to be polite and respectful even in the virtual realm.

Mistakes when chatting can make lecturers really irritated. For example, you like to abbreviate words.

Even though your lecturer is old and doesn’t understand abbreviations like young people. Or, he really upholds modesty. But you just chat without greeting first.

Therefore, we too should avoid such things. After all, this polite chat habit can be a provision for you to enter the world of work in the future.

When it comes to dealing with clients, for example, you can use good language so that your point is more accepted.

8. Use Polite Language

In addition to chatting politely, try to always use good language when dealing with an angry supervisor. Choose words that are neutral and tend to be reassuring.

For example, your lecturer at the last meeting said that you should leave method A.

However, at this week’s meeting, he suggested that you use method A instead. Instead of saying that he is fickle, ask questions of method A.

Tell me the lack of method A that he mentioned in the previous meeting. Your lecturer must be more accepting of this than if you call it wishy-washy.

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9. Don’t approach him when he’s in a bad mood

Avoid asking the lecturer for consultation when he is in a bad mood. For example, you know your professor is very busy today. He not only has to teach, but also attend seminars.

If you just want to submit a revision, of course that’s okay. However, if you want to talk about an important topic, you should find another time.

Even if forced, the results of the meeting will be less than optimal. Not to mention, there is a potential that your lecturer will only get angry because he is really tired and not in the mood.

10. Don’t be late 

When you’re late, you’re just giving the teacher a reason to scold you. Even though you know yourself that your lecturer is very angry.

Therefore, try to always arrive on time. If necessary, you must arrive before the appointed time.

In addition to avoiding being scolded, this also allows you not to fail to meet the lecturer.

Remember, lecturers are usually very busy. Sometimes even though he had promised to meet, suddenly he had to leave. By arriving earlier, your chances of meeting the lecturer will be greater.


Thesis or thesis feels even more difficult when we have a fierce supervisor. In fact, the lecturer’s arrogance can actually spur us to complete the task more quickly.

Instead of feeling afraid, what we should try is to adapt to the nature of the lecturer. In this way, we can better deal with grumpy supervisors and graduate on time.


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