11 Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start a Business

To become an entrepreneur, it is not only capital that you must prepare. In many cases, an entrepreneur must also have a strong mentality. Because when you are just starting a business, success is not necessarily realized.

Motivating yourself to strengthen your mentality is an action that many business actors end up doing. Yes, you have to encourage yourself, not others. Especially if you are still completely new to this.

The reason is, often other people will look skeptically at the business you have just built. Instead of giving encouragement, not infrequently they will actually make you mentally down.

Therefore, you need to be a great motivator for yourself. Well, here are 11 ways to motivate yourself to start your business.

1. Join the Right Business Community

A person’s passion in doing something can be stimulated by the surrounding environment. So, if you want to be more excited about starting a business, hang out and hang out with people who want to do the same.

You can join social media groups for beginner entrepreneurs, WA MSME groups, and the like. Look for an active group so you can get the right vibes to build that spirit within you.

2. Read Other People’s Business Success Stories

Besides joining certain groups, you can also get motivation to build a business by reading other people’s stories. Especially if the story is a true story that tells about someone’s success.

These stories will keep the readers motivated. If you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, you will immediately be whipped to start a business right away.

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3. Imagine What Your Business Will Look Like Later

Imagination is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to start a business. So do not hesitate to imagine your efforts in the form of wishful thinking in your head.

People may think that imagination is useless. In fact, imagination is basically just one form of visualization. Einstein also once said that imagination is one of the important elements of high intelligence.

When you visualize something, you are basically telling yourself that it is what you enjoy. Imagination will also encourage you to realize your goals from the bombardment of other people’s pessimism.

Most importantly, don’t overthink. Treat imagination like medicine. If the excess is clearly not good. But when it’s right, it will make you better.

4. Create a Business Plan

After visualizing the business you want to run in your head, it’s time to make a realistic plan. You can start by thinking about the details of the capital costs until the place of business will be built.

This activity, besides being able to make your business quickly materialize, can also ignite self-confidence. You will be more excited and feel your effort is not something impossible to do.

5. Use Insult as a Whip to Keep Working

Some of us are fortunate enough to live in such a supportive environment. But not a few of us who live in a toxic environment.

This toxic environment will demean us when we are just starting to build a business. We too become discouraged, irritated, and full of anger.

However, it would be better if we used those toxic attitudes as lashes. Take all your anger towards building a business more seriously. So you can prove that what they are saying does not affect your determination.

6. Find the Right Business Partner

To build a business, sometimes we can’t do it alone. We need other people in terms of energy, capital, or thoughts.

For example, you want to build a cafe business near campus. Because your capital is still small, you also intend to work with a friend.

But remember, the selection of business partners must be done carefully. Because partners can greatly influence business success. If your partner is good, he can not only provide the capital needed, but can also motivate.

On the other hand, if your partner is bad, his presence can actually hinder your business.

7. Appreciate the Process as the Result

One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself to start a business is to think more realistically. Yes, you have to be completely literate in reality, even if the reality is not something pleasant.

In this case, since you intend to build a business, you must understand that the process for success is not easy. So, you don’t need to be too afraid when you think about the potential failure of your business.

On the other hand, it would be better if you appreciate the process more. With that perspective, even if people scare you into failure, you can keep moving forward.

Why? Because you enjoy everything you do and don’t obsess over the results.

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8. Pray

If you are a religious person, then pray to ask God for help. Ask God to make your dreams come true to establish a business. Also ask Him to strengthen you mentally so that you can start your business smoothly.

Apart from being recommended in religion, actions such as praying or confiding in God can also calm the mind. For example, you have just been heavily criticized for being deemed unfit to be an entrepreneur.

Instead of getting angry, it’s better to stay away from those critics. Next, please find the right place to worship and pray. Calm yourself down and get back to work as usual.

9. Think of Those You Love

Many people want to build a business so they can please their loved ones. There is a young man who wants to make his mother proud, a father who wants to provide for his family, and a single parent who wants to make his child happy.

These motifs are basically a very potent fuel. So, think of them when you start to hesitate to start a business. Your enthusiasm will surely come back so you don’t hesitate to start your business.

10. Stop Pessimistic Thoughts

Stop letting pessimistic thoughts fill your head. These thoughts will not help you in any way. On the other hand, you will easily give up if you are filled with pessimism.

Indeed, stopping pessimistic thoughts does not necessarily motivate oneself to start a business. But at least, your mind will definitely feel calmer and can be motivated if there is no pessimistic view.

11. Use the YOLO Principle

YOLO is a term that comes from the words You Only Live Once. YOLO is a perspective that emphasizes an invitation to do something according to passion.

In the business world, the YOLO principle can be a good provision for beginners. Because novice entrepreneurs must face a lot of obstacles. Without principles like YOLO that emphasize self-passion, then you can back off before you even start.


Let alone success, in many cases people are afraid to even just start a business. They become pessimistic, embarrassed, and confused. Because building a business from scratch is not easy.

But if you want to be successful, then this is the way to go. Therefore, make up your mind and follow the 11 self-motivated tips to start a business above.


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