The mindset we have is a form of thought that results from our own brain. In other words, if we allow negative thought patterns to enter our thinking, then get ready to have negative thought patterns that make us not enthusiastic about becoming successful entrepreneurs.


When we decide to become entrepreneurs or business people, we must prepare ourselves with a great mindset , so that we are mentally trained properly to face all forms of competition in the business world. There are countless young entrepreneurs who find it difficult to build the great mindset they really need to be able to survive and compete in the fierce business competition they are today.


So, how to improve the great mindset within, especially for young entrepreneurs? Without further worries, we immediately refer to the following explanation.


1. Always Remember “What made me here, will not take me anywhere else”.

Young entrepreneurs are always synonymous with young people aged 18-30 years who have established their hearts and minds to move forward to become an entrepreneur. Not only do young entrepreneurs have a relatively young and fresh age, but most of them have enormous ambitions to achieve everything they have dreamed of.


Unfortunately, they are also easy to give up. Failure seems to take all the happiness they have, and destroy all the dreams that have been built for a long time.


Great mindset will lead us to remain optimistic and positive thinking, even though the circumstances we face say otherwise. A statement that really needs to be remembered by young entrepreneurs is “what makes me here now will not take me anywhere else”.


That is, if we want to expand our field of success, then we need to achieve it with effort and hard work. Not just relying on the privileges that we have now as young entrepreneurs.


As entrepreneurs, we need to develop ourselves by adapting to new environments, looking for ideas, concepts, even new identities that might lead us to new achievements in business.


All the efforts we take and go through now will form a great mindset that is very useful for the development of our business in the future. When we are no longer young, all the great mindsets we have now will help us sustain our business strongly in the future.


2. Keep Moving, Keep Moving Forward and Keep Innovating.

Keep moving, going forward and innovating are important characteristics that must-have-must-have for every young entrepreneur. These three characteristics will help young entrepreneurs to develop their mindset into a very great mindset.


Why so? Try to imagine people who have never moved and only stayed in their comfort zone. They will never know whether their mindset is right or wrong? because they don’t have any comparison.


Similarly, if they do not dare to advance, then all the abilities that exist within themselves will not be able to develop. Can’t afford to innovate? So be prepared to be left behind from other businesses because we are not ready to accept changes that always come and go.


If the three characteristics above are not possessed by a young entrepreneur, we can ensure their business will not last long. In fact, this will only make it harder for them to find success.


3. Open Your Eyes and Open Your Ear.

Don’t be passive and rigid to accept changes that are clearly happening before our eyes. There are so many changes that we need to adapt, so that we can survive and move forward.


That is why we advise all Career Advice colleagues to open their eyes and ears to want to learn more deeply about what has changed around us. That way, we will always look for ways to develop our own skills in overcoming all obstacles that will come to us at any time.


In addition, opening our eyes and ears will sharpen our mindset to be more intense and positive . And yep! of course this is very necessary for all young entrepreneurs.


4. Thinking patterns greatly determine our success.

This is a statement that must always be remembered by young entrepreneurs. Humans have a tendency to give up easily. That’s why we need to surround ourselves with positive people.


Just a little we allow negative thought patterns to enter our minds, then it will be very influential for our lives later. In essence, we really need to keep every thought that goes into our mindset, because the mindset we have will greatly determine our success in the future.


by Abdullah Sam
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