Know best plants to repel spiders away from your home

 Today I want to talk about best plants to repel spiders. There are some domestic plants that protect naturally from mosquito bites without any harmful effects. Some of the domestic plants we have today are organized.

Best Plants To Repel Spiders Away From Your Home


This medicinal plant is one of the most famous natural repellents. Even when you’re in the garden, it helps keep flies, mosquitoes and ants away. The ideal is that it is planted in the wind path, to spread the smell and increase efficiency.

Another interesting way to use this plant is to create a solution with water. Just use the leaves as if to make tea. The liquid can be passed through the body or used to clean floors and windows. The smell is pleasant to humans and hated by insects.


Lavender are small shrubs that can be planted in pots and used as decoration or to flavor environments. In addition to these utilities and having a very beautiful flower, lavender also helps to scare away mosquitoes naturally.


Like other strong-smelling plants, basil is also effective in warding off insects. In addition to planting, it can also be turned into a repellent solution. To do this, make a tea with the leaves, using 120 ml of water. Then strain the mixture and add 120 ml of vodka. This solution can be sprayed on the plants.


Chrysanthemum has pyrethrin, a kind of natural insecticide. The substance repels mosquitoes and other insects, such as: cockroaches, beetles and flies. To use it as a natural repellent it is even possible to rub the flowers on the skin and thus avoid bites


Rosemary is great to have at home. In addition to giving a special touch to culinary recipes, it scares away mosquitoes and helps keep cats away from vegetable gardens, gardens and backyards. A good suggestion is to put rosemary leaves in children’s litter boxes as well, to avoid the presence of cats.

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