This is what we usually write often. However, we find it very difficult to realize it all. We even give up and forget those goals.


When we are not able to be as expected, we will feel disappointed and angry. We experience mental fatigue, feel broken, filled with regret and begin to feel that it is not useful for ourselves and for others around.


When trying to get rid of bad habits in life, we will easily experience deadlock and boredom because life has been filled with busyness. We also don’t have the time to focus on changing many areas of life. It will only be tiring and annoying. There is one easy thing that can help us improve every aspect of life by building simple habits . If we want to train ourselves to develop these simple habits, we will be able to make big changes. Well, what simple steps can be done? Yes, by writing a daily journal. Do fellow readers like to write a daily journal? Writing a daily journal is a great way to analyze, evaluate the experiences we went through and also improveself awareness .


Writing a daily journal has a great power in life. This simple habit helps us to improve and improve our abilities. Why? Let’s look at the 6 benefits of writing a daily journal.


1. Writing a daily journal can optimize the potential and creativity.

What do fellow readers do after waking up? Do you check cellphones and e-mail directly or scroll through and spend time checking Facebook and other social media? If so, that means we don’t have complete control over ourselves. Well, try to change this habit by writing a daily journal. That way, we can let the mind wander and produce creativity. So, if we want to be more creative, stop checking social media and e-mail constantly. Check only once or twice a day. Give room for the mind to develop creativity.


2. Writing a daily journal can improve the ability to achieve goals.

When we write goals repeatedly in a daily journal, without realizing it, these goals enter the subconscious mind. These goals are embedded in themselves and can become a reality. Yes, because these goals and visions move us to continuously improve our ability to achieve goals. Use a daily journal as a tool that can increase creativity and hone one’s abilities. Reread the great purpose in it so that it enters the subconscious.


3. Writing a daily journal can help you get away from work.

Busyness often takes time. We find it hard to give time to loved ones. If you have time, you often feel that you are not really there. By writing a daily journal, can help us escape from busyness. Writing a journal in the morning can lead us to determine the steps that must be taken throughout the day. That way, our day becomes more organized because it can manage time well.


Writing a daily journal can also help us to recognize good things that can be resumed tomorrow and bad things that must be eliminated and learn and experience many things. That way, it can enable us to provide free time for loved ones. In the evening, after completing one day, we can review the journals that have been made. Have we done the right thing? If not, write down what needs to be improved and reread the journal the next morning so you can better prepare yourself for the new day. We will also be able to correct mistakes made.


We don’t need to write long sentences or paragraphs. The main purpose of journal writing is to help us get away from work or other things experienced. That way, we can focus on being truly present to loved ones.


4. Writing a daily journal is good for emotions.

Based on research, writing a daily journal has a good impact on one’s emotions. What are the benefits?

– Increase focus .

– Relieve anxiety .

– Improve thinking skills.

– Let go of the past.

– Adds gratitude .

– Broaden thinking.


When emotions are in turmoil, we can keep a journal to devote and better understand those emotions. That way, we will be able to release bad emotions and become calmer.


5. Writing a daily journal can improve the learning process.

Humans have limited memory. We will forget what was read and heard. When writing down things that have been learned, we will remember them better. Rereading the writing that is made, can improve the ability of brain memory. Writing also makes our minds work in unique ways and is able to find solutions to the problems they face .


6. Writing a journal improves writing ability.

Writing a journal can develop your writing skills. By writing a journal, we train ourselves to come up with ideas, explain them and arrange them into writing. Of course this is very useful right?


Those are 6 benefits obtained from writing a daily journal. It can be said that keeping a journal is one of the important things in life. If we can do it in an effective way, we can make life better and more fun.


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