How do colleagues usually spend their lunch time? Is it to spend lunch at the computer or spend lunch outside the desk, even outside the office? If your fellow reader always spends lunch at your desk, this is a good time to break the habit.


Lunch time is the time given to take a break from work that is draining your energy and mind. That is why, as workers, we are given time to rest. If we don’t use lunch time in the right way, it can affect our health.


Spending hours at a desk in a sitting position can cause back pain. Well, try to replace this routine with things that are more fun and healthy.


Making use of lunch time with more enjoyable activities can reduce stress, anxiety and prevent us from experiencing deadlocks. When we rest and stay away from work, we unconsciously are resting and replenishing brain power so that it becomes fresher and ready to go back to work.


On average, we have 1 hour lunch. If you make the best use of this time, you will be able to restore motivation. We will also be able to be productive again at work. So, spending lunch at work desk is not the right choice to do.


Fellow readers may wonder what activities can be done at lunch time. This time, we will discuss 5 ways to use lunch time. We will see what activities can be done in the interval of 1 hour so that they can be motivated and excited again in the rest of the day.


1. Improve self ability.

The first way to use lunch time is to improve yourself. If you want to make progress on your career, you can use lunch time to improve your abilities. How to? Try to read books, listen to podcasts, join online learning classes or learn new languages. Eits, do not forget to choose the right place, like go to a park, a room to relax, a cafe or other place that is comfortable and quiet. That way, we will be able to concentrate fully in increasing our abilities.


2. Move.

How to use the second lunch time is by moving. This is a very good thing for health. We spend the day sitting and staring at computer screens. So, do some simple body stretches regularly so that our bodies stay healthy and fit, for example by walking around the office environment or even going to the gym and get some fresh air. That way, we will return to energy and enthusiasm.


3. Complete the task.

The third way to use lunch time is to complete tasks that should be done at night or maybe on weekends. This makes us move and walk away from the desk.


The more tasks that are completed, the more we have more time to relax so that the evenings and weekends can be used to do activities that make us relax. In addition, we may be able to use the free time to do activities that we like, participate in voluntary activities and build social relationships with family, friends or other closest people.


4. Pamper yourself.

How to use the fourth lunch time is to pamper yourself. Lunch time is a time to rest. So, we don’t need to be productive in this time.


Find things that make your fellow readers feel happy and relaxed. That can just go to a favorite restaurant, listen to music, watch certain drama series, go to the nearest salon to do manicure and pedicure or even do massage can also be the right choice to pamper yourself. Wow, how nice, isn’t it? Pampering yourself will make us feel better and fresher so that we will be better prepared to return to the desk and continue work.


5. Have a lunch date.

How to use the fifth lunch time is by dating. We can contact a spouse, best friend or colleague to spend lunch together. Make an appointment with them and determine a place to eat that serves delicious dishes with a comfortable atmosphere. This is an opportunity to talk with each other, share stories or even talk about light things that are fun. By spending lunch with loved ones, will be able to rest the mind of matters relating to the company that might make our minds tired and bored.


In addition, spending lunch with loved ones can also improve social relationships. Of course, good social relationships can help us advance our careers. So, don’t hesitate to spend time with loved ones at lunch time, fellow reader.


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