5 best programs to make intros

The intros are short videos that the YouTube vlogger usually sets up about a topic they want to discuss. In this post we will give you the 5 best programs to do intros. Keep reading and find out.

What does an intro or introductory video include? They usually show the channel name, logo, jingle or music, brand colors, graphics. Rather, it includes a number of elements that identify the topic and what your vlog will represent.

With the intros it gives you the opportunity to make yourself known with a good image, because the first image is always important. Also, your viewers will expect to know how much experience you have with the topic and that your vlog will look professional from every angle.

On YouTube there are lots of very good intros, if you want to do one like them there are a lot of programs that will help you, some better than others. Before covering what these programs are, keep in mind that your intros should be short and relevant, because the idea is to attract viewers who do not get bored or annoyed.

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  • Intro making programs
    • Adobe Spark Video
    • iMovie
    • Wondershare Filmora
    • Pinnacle Studio 19
    • Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

Intro making programs

Adobe Spark Video

With Adobe Spark you can create your intros for your channel in just minutes and for free. Best of all, you don’t need to have in-depth design, programming, or technical knowledge.

Adobe Spark Video can be used by anyone, it will allow you to carry out the entire process of creating videos for YouTube , these will be descriptive, unique and attractive. In this way, the viewer’s attention will be attracted and it will stay with him for a longer time.

On the other hand, Adobe Spark is the best standard software that has a lot of customizable options to make your videos look stunning. It also has a series of tools that will allow you to give your videos character and handle the design to your liking.

One of the main characteristics of this tool is how intuitive it is, that in just a few minutes you can make your videos. It has other characteristics, these are:

  • You will have access to the entire image bank. You can also add text, images, videos, icons and everything you want.
  • It also has a compendium of music from various genres that you can add to your videos.
  • You can make your videos in 16: 9 format or in square format.

Download | Adobe Spark Video


iMovie is a very simple video editor that works only on Mac computers. It has a number of basic features for creating eye-catching intros. Among the functions you can do with this tool are: edit, view and export videos. In addition, although its main function is video editing, it can also create and edit movies . Among its main features are:

  • It works on iPhone 6S and 3D Touch devices where you can easily create your videos.
  • It has 8 themes available for videos from which you can select titles, music and transitions.
  • It also has 10 video filters that are designed by Apple. Some of them: picture.in-picture or slow motion.
  • You can create sound effects or even a soundtrack with the music that is included.
  • IPods have a feature that allows them to have a physical keyboard so you can use shortcuts.

Download | iMovie

Wondershare Filmora

With Wondershare Filmora you can create impressive and great intros. Among the features that can be obtained from your store are: add layers, transitions, filters, effects, animations, etc. In addition, you can create professional videos quickly and easily.

Filmora has a number of tools that until now were only possible for professional filmmakers. With its simple interface drag and drop gives you the freedom to make your videos with all freedom and easily. Also, you can start making your videos by importing videos, inserting images and editing them, adding transitions and special effects, etc.

Among the features that Wondershare Filmora has are:

  • You can create animated messages through the library of titles and texts that it has.
  • Incorporate music to your videos harmoniously through your music library.
  • You will be able to transform your videos in a spectacular way through overlays and filters.
  • You can take your videos to the next level by adding images and motion graphics.
  • Camera effect with which you can control the speed of your clips.
  • Easily reverse your images to create fun intros, never imagined.
  • High Definition (HD) support so you can see even the smallest detail.
  • Easy to use transition effects.
  • Elimination of background noise through the audio separation that Filmora allows you .
  • Import and edit Gif images.
  • Control over the sound of your videos with its audio mixer and equalizer.

Download | Wondershare Filmora

Pinnacle Studio 19

Pinnacle Studio 19 is a basic tool for creating videos, it is very good for those who are new to them. With this program you will be able to create video presentations with incredible effects so that you capture the attention of your viewers, an important detail to create an intro.

Among its best features is the audio and video auto adjustment , with which you will take advantage of the full potential of all audiovisual content. In addition, with Pinnacle Studio 19 you will be able to create high quality videos, and you will be able to capture, edit and export videos.

Other features are: it has a multitrack editing system, a workspace so that you just drag and place the elements on the material; It has more than 1500 filters, transitions and effects. In addition, when your video is ready you can share it online, it allows the export of videos with various formats. This program is paid.

Download | Pinnacle Studio 19

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 is a powerful video editor with which you can transform your camera videos and the captures you have taken. In addition, it has a very intuitive and attractive interface, with a very complete editing panel.

The program has more than 100 types of transitions , with their own controls with which you can modify speed, edge and direction. You can also add narrations, rolling credits, animated titles. With the ” Voice and Music ” option you can add background music by recording it yourself with the microphone or through a music CD.

Other features that Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 has are: DV support and to connect with IEEE 1394 (Firewire), the user can define the image output size, record music from CDs, and mp3 format audio input support. .

Download | Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

All the programs to make intros that we have just given you are suitable for you to make your intros. Although Adobe Spark is perhaps the most popular and complete for it. If you want something very simple, maybe with iMovie or Pinnacle Studio 19 it will be enough for you.


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