5 best programs to make restaurant menus for free

Most of the time, the first thing that customers always observe in restaurants is the menu that they offer them. This menu will always reflect all the different dishes and prices. If your establishment does not yet have one, you can use programs to make free restaurant menus and thus make it easier for your customers to choose their best dishes.

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  • Best programs to make free restaurant menus
    • Canva
    • Edit Org
    • Flipsnack
    • Vennagage
    • Photojet

Best programs to make free restaurant menus

If you have just set up a store or you already have a good time in business and need or require a corporate image change, you can use the programs to make free restaurant menus that will be mentioned below and without the need for have a knowledge in design:

·         Canva

Canva is a program that offers you the possibility of inserting your photos into the menu so that all your customers can see what your best dishes look like. Using Canva to create a menu is quite easy as you only need to log into Canva. Among the available templates you must choose one and fill in all the data with the prices and promotions in addition to the name of the dish. You can also modify the texts at the time you want, which makes it ideal for establishments that usually update their menu either on a weekly basis or due to seasonal changes.

·         Edit Org

Edit Org is a very powerful software to be able to make restaurant menus in a free way, in which you will be able to choose between more than three thousand templates which are editable for those who do not know how to make a restaurant menu with a professional design. Among the many functions that Edit Org has, you can edit the spreadsheets on any of the devices, you can also make changes to design elements with just a click, just as you can place the logo of your restaurant or photos . Such software will allow you to customize the funds.

·         Flipsnack

Flipsnack provides you with a fairly extensive catalog of editable templates so that your menu can present a fairly professional design. If you want to create an account you must first explore the catalog of menu templates to edit on Flipsnack for free. These templates are always classified into different categories, which you can filter depending on the type of establishment you own, be it a cafeteria or a pizzeria. Once the choice is made, you can register for free and start creating your menu.

·         Vennagage

Vennagage is a program which is quite easy to use, since the use of its editable templates can be adapted to the style of your restaurant. The functions of this program are the modification of colors and fonts, the illustrations so that a menu is attractive to your clients and the inclusion of glossy edges. There are also modifications such as the insertion of photographs of their most exquisite dishes. An advantage that Venngage offers you is being able to make a menu with several pages through a function called multi-pages. In this way you will be able to classify your meals, desserts, breakfasts, drinks among others into main dishes.

·         Photojet

Fotojet is a program in which you can include your photos with just clicks to modify the names of your dishes and you can also modify their texts to add prices. This program offers you a possibility to be able to test the editor that it offers, without the need to register. However, if you usually modify your menu on a regular basis, it is recommended that you create an account to be able to save the design made and edit it on the platform at any time.


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