4 best programs to make diptychs

The tools to make diptychs are of utmost importance especially if you do not have knowledge in design. In this post we will only talk about the best tools that can be used for free for the aforementioned objective.

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  • Top 4 programs to make diptychs:
    • Canva:
      • Steps for designing brochures in Canva
        • Choose a template
        • Add image
        • Edit the text
        • Change the background
        • Print the brochure
      • Online Printing
        • Steps to create a diptych with Imprenta Online
          • Choose template
        • Insert texts and logos
          • Ordering
        • Publisher
          • Steps to Design a Diptych with Publisher
            • Click new brochure
            • Select a template
            • Customize the template
            • Print diptych
          • Flipsnack
            • Steps to create a diptych with Flipsnack
              • Choose a format and theme
              • Customize the diptych
              • Download and print
            • What is the best tool to make a diptych?

Top 4 programs to make diptychs:


Canva is an online tool that offers many resources for image editing . High-quality brochures, triptychs, and even banners can be created.

The tool also has an application in which you can do the same thing that is done online.

If you don’t know how to design, don’t worry, Canva offers a large number of pre-designed templates that you can use. Once the same template has been selected, the editing must be started later.

If none of the templates available on the web are of interest to the user, a design can also be created from scratch. For this you do not need to be an expert in graphic design, with a few steps and using simple tools you can create the design.

Steps for designing brochures in Canva

The steps to design a brochure or leaflet in Canva are as follows.

1. Choose a template

Canva has a large number of templates available that can be used for different areas such as technology, love, among other things.

2. Add image

In this step you can include an image from the canva gallery, or from your own images to give a more personalized touch to the design.

3. Edit the text

With a simple click you can proceed to edit the text found in the design to change the message displayed. In addition, you can also modify the font of the letter, the inclination among other things.

4. Change the background

In this step you can modify the color of the background found in the template.

5. Print the brochure

The fifth and final step is to print the diptych, or share it on social media .

Canva is totally free, both its app and the web.

Open | Canva

Online Printing

This website has its services online , it is not a program that can be downloaded and used on the computer. In fact, it is used in a very different way.

On the web there are several templates which can be selected to design a diptych . However, to create a design through this website it is necessary to have money available. It is not much but for the use of this service they charge an exact amount. On the main page you will find a link that allows you to verify the price of each service.

Steps to create a diptych with Imprenta Online

The steps to create a diptych are as follows.

Choose template

In Imprenta Online you will find many professional templates from which you must choose one to later be used in the design of the diptych.

Insert texts and logos

After choosing the template, you must include logos or the texts that are required.


Once the user has everything organized, both the design and the text, the order is placed, the amount of which will be expressed in dollars. Once the designed template has been canceled, it will be downloaded automatically.

Open | Online Printing


One of the easiest ways to design a diptych is to use Publisher . It is a tool that is found by default in the Office package, accompanied by PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and some more.

Steps to Design a Diptych with Publisher

The steps to design a brochure in Publisher are as follows.

Click new brochure

On the initial page you can see different options, in which the user must choose brochures and then select where it indicates “new”.

Select a template

Once the first step is successfully done, several brochure templates will appear that can be used. Other templates can also be downloaded from the Internet if the user wishes.

Customize the template

When the best template for the user’s needs has been chosen, the customization should begin. With customization you can adjust colors, add images, place texts with different fonts and much, more.

Print diptych

Once the design of the diptych is ready, the printing is carried out. From Publisher it is very simple, because you only have to choose to print in one of the options and select the printer.


Flipsnack allows the realization of a diptych from scratch or from a PDF file with many advances. It offers many different templates to incorporate and design the respective diptychs. In fact this online tool is almost as popular as Canva.

Steps to create a diptych with Flipsnack

The steps to create a diptych with Flipsnack are as follows

Choose a format and theme

Choosing one of the predesigned templates is the first step in designing a diptych.

Customize the diptych

It can include images, texts and much more.

Download and print

After customization it can be downloaded or printed with a single click.

Open | Flipsnack

What is the best tool to make a diptych?

The best tool to make a diptych is Canva according to many reliable sources, plus it is completely free.

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