5 best programs to design cards

There are many programs that are used to design cards, you can even give it that personal touch that characterizes you. The best idea to publicize your business or your corporate image is with a business card, in this post we will give you the 5 best programs to design cards.

To make your business cards, invitation cards, birthday cards, etc., we have a number of software that can be easily downloaded and started working with them. Now if you do not want to download any program you can opt for others that work with the browser.

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  • Programs to design cards
    • EDraw Max
    • Greeting Card Builder
    • CardWorks
    • CorelDRAW
    • Canva

Programs to design cards

EDraw Max

With EDraw Max we can not only make business cards, but also flow charts, organization charts, mind maps and even floor plans. It is a very simple to use layout program , with which you can make your personalized invitation cards with shapes and designs according to your tastes and needs.

The tool has built-in a large number of shapes (more than 10 thousand) and clip art with which you can drag and drop on the templates. For example, you can create an invitation card with the Business Card template, to do this, click on the ” invitation card ” icon and then drag and drop the basic shapes that are available in the library.

Another way to make your cards with EDraw Max is by adding custom images and filling in shapes with color before you save and export. In addition, this program has a compendium of downloadable invitation cards from its website that you can use to inspire yourself. Its interface is easy to use, even for beginners.

Download | EDraw Max

Greeting Card Builder

Greeting Card Builder is a lightweight downloadable program that works with Windows and Mac operating systems . You can use it for wedding invitations, photo cards, Halloween or Mother’s Day cards, etc.

It also has a very simple to use interface, it is very similar to the Paint program that Windows has built into. If you want to start creating your cards with this tool, you can use the thousands of templates available on your website and customize it as you wish. In addition, it has skins, greetings, frames and clip art.

It has a WYSIWYG editor  with which you can view the changes you make in real time. It also has a number of basic editing tools such as: cut, copy, paste and delete.

If you want to personalize your card, the program has a number of tools for you to organize your design, manage light and color, use masks, apply filters and photographic effects. Another functionality is to cut your images and change their size to incorporate them to your card.

Any card that I design can be saved as an image, or you can send it to a friend or by email. You can even print your card from your PC with a connected printer.

Download | Greeting Card Builder


CardWorks is another of the programs to design cards, created by NCH ​​Software and with which you can make your cards. The installation of CardWorks is not heavy because the program is light, your cards will be created with the highest quality. It also has a large number of templates for you to use, they are ready for you to edit and customize them to your liking. In fact, you can download more of them through their official page.

CardWorks has templates for every occasion: business cards, premium textured cards, promotional brochures, etc. To edit these templates, what you must use is the image editor that comes with the tool. With it you can: change fonts, add texts, adjust template settings, etc.

The program is compatible with all paper sizes and with various standard card models. In addition, the cards that you make can be done on both sides or on one side, you can even incorporate your company logo with drag and drop. When you have your card ready you can import it to PDF in high resolution.

Download | CardWorks


When we talk about programs to design cards we must always mention CorelDraw, a graphic and vector design tool. This software should never be stopped recommending because of its great utility in terms of design, with it you can even create cards.

Unlike the one just mentioned, CorelDraw is used by connoisseurs and design professionals. This software comes as a suite, so it is expensive, but the quality and effectiveness of the design is indisputable. This suite or graphics includes 6 tools and one of them is CorelDarw .

CorelDraw is an excellent tool for creating cards of all kinds. The tools offered by this comprehensive program are widely used for illustrations, graphics, photo editing, layouts and more.

With the LiveSketch function you   will be able to create illustrations on your cards, add fills and transparencies to them. In addition, you can create cards with more complex designs, apply color harmonies, access vector tools with more than 10 thousand clipart that the tool has.

Download | CorelDraw


For those who prefer not to download any software, Canva is the solution. This is an online tool that offers many options for designing and simplifies work. For you to create a card, Canva offers a number of templates that you can select and modify however you want.

With Canva you can crop images, add shapes, grids, lines, frames, icons, graphics, and more. You can also change the design, the background, add text and upload images. Also, if you want to modify an image by double-clicking the element, you can do so. It has a transparency tool with which you can give depth and adjust opacity.

Another advantage that Canva offers is that it is not only used for making cards, but for any editing task that you need to do and that is light. Give this online tool a try and you will see the benefits you will get.

Go to the Canva website

Without a doubt, the most powerful tool for card design is CorelDraw , however if you want to try a light version you can do it with EDraw Max or CardWorks. Then, when you get more practice and if you want to continue in the field of design, go to Corel. What are you waiting for you to design your first card?

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