5 best programs to make sketches

Having a program to make sketches is always beneficial, because you can make your plans with these drawings without having to be a professional architect or designer. In this post we will give you the 5 best programs to make sketches.

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  • What is a sketch?
  • Sketch programs
    • LibreCAD
    • HomeByMe
    • Civil 3D
    • Smartdraw
    • NanoCAD

What is a sketch?

Before entering fully with the programs to make sketches it is good that you learn to know what they are. This is because a sketch is not the same for all people, everything will depend on how we use it. For example, some say it is a drawing that reflects an idea, others that it is a graphic or design illustration .

To clarify the concept, we can define a sketch as a graphic illustration that has few details. These are widely used in the architecture and environment management community. Also, these sketches can be used to define graphic shapes without much detail of any planning.

Before fully entering the use of any of the tools we advise you to make a small drawing on paper of your house, previously you must have taken the respective measurements that you will later translate to the program you have chosen to make the sketch.

Now we will go into the details of which are those sketching programs that you can count on. Let’s see:

Sketch programs


LibreCAD is an open source program, that is, it is free. It is compatible with Windows, Lunux or Mac operating systems . You can draw each plant that will make up your house in 2D with this tool (you cannot do it in 3D).

This program is very simple and to save your sketches you can use several formats, among them: dxf, cxf, jww or lff . This means that the sketch you make can be opened in another program that supports CAD. However, keep in mind that the dwg format is not compatible with LibreCAD .

It has other advantages, among them: it has support, documentation, it is free and free; in addition, it is translated into 20 languages ​​including Spanish. Without a doubt, LibreCAD is an important option for you to be able to create your sketches for free without having to resort to expensive and complex programs.

Download | LibreCAD


The HomeByMe program is a fantastic simple program with which you can draw your sketches without problems. Plus, it ‘s free, it ‘s intuitive, and the results will be amazing. When we say free , it is not completely, you can only use it for 3 projects. Although this amount is sufficient if what you are going to draw is a sketch.

Now, if you already want to make plans formally, it is necessary that you subscribe and make monthly payments. Of course, the paid version will allow you to access more advanced features such as image ranking, among others.

HomeByMe is downloadable and works directly from the browser with the advantage that it is all in Spanish. Likewise, it is a simple program to use because it is also intuitive. You can do your sketches in 2D but then you can convert it to 3D.

Download | HomeByMe

Civil 3D

Civil3D is an AutoDesk program intended for design and construction companies, however, it is a good alternative for you to make your sketches. Although its characteristics are conducive to making your sketches in 3D, perhaps if you are inclined to make very detailed plans you will not be able to do it.

Among its notable features are:

  • It has a free version for students for 3 years.
  • You can carry out topographic surveys.
  • Drawing for construction and annotation.
  • It integrates with other products such as Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and AutoDesk.

Download | Civil3D


SmartDraw is a program used to make very simple diagrams or plans. With this program you will be able to make your sketches comfortably with the diagram templates that it has, it comes equipped with architectural symbols and applications to share files. In addition, it has other features:

  • It has an online version so you can work from the browser.
  • It allows you to make professional and intelligent diagrams.
  • Export under various formats such as: Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Spreadsheet.
  • Number of templates available and ready to use.
  • Easy to drag and drop elements within the sketch or plane.
  • It makes an automatic scale of the dimensions of the house.
  • It can be imported and exported from Visio.


NanoCAD is very similar to the AutoCAD program , so if you have already used the latter program it will not be difficult for you. However, if you have never used a CAD program this is the opportunity to do so, it is the best option if you are going to start in these types of programs.

The tool is very intuitive, its buttons and other elements are well distributed, so its use will be very practical and simple. Your sketches will look great with NanoCAD , now if you want more complex designs there is a Plus version that architects use a lot. Although it has a small advantage, it is in English, but if you handle the language it will not be a problem for you.

Download | NanoCAD

With the sketch of your house you can see how the distribution will be inside. When you do it in scale it will look much better. If you want to make a very simple and easy sketch with LibreCAD or HomeByMe . If you want to make a plan as such with more details, any of the other tools we gave you will be fine.


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