5 best programs to design kitchens

We already want to renovate the kitchen, we see it a bit outdated, but where to start? What should we add to it? American style or classic? Anyway, we already have the tools, we just need to choose one. In this post we bring you the 5 best programs to design kitchens.

If you are a design fan, there are infinities of home designer programs that you can try for free or by subscription. All of them with the necessary tools to give life to everything that runs through your mind and you want to give your kitchen.

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  • Kitchen design programs
    • Home Stratosphere’s
    • IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner
    • ProKitchen Software
    • HGTV Kitchen Design
    • 2020 Kitchen Design

Kitchen design programs

Home Stratosphere’s

With this program you can design a whole house, but it has very complete elements so that you can design your kitchen. In addition, it is freely available , with which you can create your kitchen designs in 2D. When you finish your design you can visualize it in 3D. It has an interesting feature called HD Snapshot with which you can visualize your designs with a photorealistic appearance. It also has a mobile version with which you can continue your designs in a professional way.

Download | Home Stratosphere’s

IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

This program allows you to create your kitchens as you want, you can save your designs and then edit it to continue with it. Once you have your kitchen design ready you can print it. In addition, this program can install it on Mac or Windows platforms, also on mobile devices and tablets.

This kitchen planner is ideal if you want to buy products from the IKEA line . Also, you can see your designs in 3D and thus see it realistically.

Download | IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner

ProKitchen Software

It is a paid program that works for both Windows and Mac. It has a very good level of results in 3D views. In addition, it has a catalog of various household appliances , so you can view it to see how it looks before purchasing.

On the other hand, it has a good level of detail because it presents randerizado and so that you can see your design completely it has a 360 ° view. This program does not have a free version but it does give you the opportunity to try it for a month.

Download | ProKitchen Software

HGTV Kitchen Design

This software is dedicated for various designs, both exterior and interior. Although it has a section for kitchen. For its use you do not need to have experience in kitchen design , the best of all is that you can count on technical support.

To use the program, take a photo of your kitchen and use the kitchen design assistant, so you will sketch it well. You can also add whatever materials you want to make it look good (countertops, cabinets, paint, fabrics, appliances, and flooring).

Download | HGTV Kitchen Design

2020 Kitchen Design

The 2020 Kitchen Design program is paid, with many advantages, including that it gives advanced possibilities for professionals such as designers or architects. It has a good design where you can see your drawings in 360 °. In addition, you will be able to import in 3D which gives you the opportunity to see your creations with realistic results.

Do not think that this program can only be used exclusively by professionals, anyone can use it, regardless of their level. Consequently, you can start using it with your free month so you can try it out before making a full expense.


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