4 ways to beat laziness in time H and get out of the rut

Do you know those days when all you want is to get home, take off your shoes, lie on the couch and just get out of there to take a shower and go to bed? This is one of the most frequent desires among modern women, who need to split between the busy routine of work and family. And, let’s agree that when this is the expectation of the night, it is difficult to include any other different programming, even if it is sex, isn’t it? And when that laziness hits H … Let’s talk about it today!

Many women ask me if it is normal to feel lazy at the hour, and what I usually say is that it depends. Laziness, in itself, is a damned good bug. What better thing than a day in bed, turning from side to side, doing absolutely nothing? This break in the routine is pleasant, and important to regain energy.

To talk more about this sexual laziness, I have prepared two topics.

  • Why some women feel lazy to have sex
  • How to get around laziness in the hour

In the end, I am sure there will be a personal identification with some situations that I will use as an example, and you will start to blame yourself less when realizing that you are not the only woman to be lazy at the time. Come on?

Why do we feel lazy to have sex?

The point is that that old saying is more accurate than mother’s advice: “everything, in excess, is bad”. Therefore, when laziness begins to disrupt the couple’s life, it is necessary to turn on an alert and try to reverse the situation. After all, no relationship survives without daily efforts on both sides, and overcoming laziness in the H hour is one of them.

If there was a single answer to that question, let’s agree that couples’ sexual problems would not exist. Just as there is no magic formula, as we will see later, there is also no single reason that causes laziness in the hour.

Among the situations that women report to me and that can lead to this lack of excitement in bed, some are more frequent.

1. Lack of desire in the partner

This may be the most problematic reason when we talk about laziness at the hour.

I usually say that we have several houses that represent different aspects of our life: family, work, money, children. For most women, the same house of love is that of sex, and there is no separation between them.

Therefore, when we lose interest in the partner, we are hardly able to continue maintaining a healthy and pleasurable active sex life with him, and, however much efforts may be made, when love ends, it is practically impossible to recover the lust. And this whole situation does cause laziness at the hour, since, emotionally, the woman no longer sees sense in the relationship.

2. Weary routine

This is another reason that leads, not only women, but couples, in general, to feel sexual laziness. During the day, there are so many fights with the clock and commitments to be fulfilled that, at the end of it, all we want to do is relax and do absolutely nothing.

The problem is that, in the vast majority of cases, people work during business hours, and the time they would have to enjoy their partner’s company and have sex is the same period they want to get home and pass out on the couch.

Needless to say, the clash of interests that happens, especially when one party is tired, and the other desiring sex, isn’t it?

3. Lack of dialogue between the couple

It may not seem like it, but not maintaining the practice of dialogue also leads couples to be lazy at the hour. That’s because, without intimacy and openness to talk about wills and, mainly, the lack of them, everything starts to be understood.

Who has never felt tired at the end of the day, came home, took a shower, relaxed a little and felt good about having a night of sex? It also happens: often, what we need are two hours of rest to feel fresh.

The problem is that, without the dialogue, and only with the first impression when I came home grumbling, we can send a permanent message of “today will not happen”.

So, my dear, friend’s tip: if you want to have sex, talk to your partner and avoid causing some laziness at the time H.

4. Mechanical sex

There’s nothing more boring than choreographed sex, do you agree? Knowing how it will start, what it will say in your ear and what position it will enjoy is the complete combo for an extremely pampering night.

Despite falling into the routine, sex needs to be reinvented so that there is spontaneity and the couple’s interest is maintained, regardless of the length of the relationship.

So, run away from scripts ready to avoid laziness at the time, ok?

How to avoid laziness at the time H?

Take time to take care of the relationship

It’s okay that the routine is busy, and that, many times, we end up taking the problems from work home, so that sex ends up being left as a last option. But if the idea is to keep your laziness at bay for a long time, you need to plan to, at least once a week, get home and disconnect from everything that happened during the day.

The idea is to take the time to take care of the wedding , whether going out to dinner, watching a movie together and, of course, ending the night in style. You will see that, in this way, sex will be more pleasurable.

Invest in surprising attitudes

If routine is the problem, the solution is simple, since only you can break it. So, to avoid laziness at the hour, the tip I give is to surprise the other, and this can be done in several ways.

How about waiting for him in bed, with devastating lingerie? Or, wait for him in the living room, with ambient music, half light and cheeses and wines? Just use your creativity to get out of the routine and enjoy the fetish of unusual situations.

Allow yourself to feel laziness without guilt

Finally, this tip, which may seem contradictory, but believe me, is essential to leave laziness at the hour h. Not having the desire to have sex on a certain day is more than normal, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

After all, a conversation holding each other, watching a movie or exchanging affection, without ulterior motives, are moments that also have their magic, and are extremely healthy for the relationship.

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