How to update the RUT online

Keeping all our documents up to date, updated and in order, facilitates procedures, helps streamline payments, transactions and avoids complications before government entities because, after all, it is a legal responsibility.

In this sense, one of the documents that should be a priority to keep up to date is the RUT , especially if you already declare taxes. If yours is about to expire you do not have to worry, below we explain how to update it without having to leave your home.

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  1. What is the RUT?
  2. What is the main function of the RUT?
  3. Why is it important to update the RUT?
  4. What information can be updated from the online portal?
  5. How do I update the RUT from the web portal?
  6. What do you need to update in person?
    1. If you are a natural person
    2. If you are a legal entity

What is the RUT?

The RUT, or Single Tax Registry , is the tool used to identify, locate and classify entities and persons that have administrative obligations, depending on whether they are taxpayers declaring income tax or non-taxpayers declaring income and assets.

In this sense, taxpayers and non-taxpayers are classified as importers, exporters, responsible for the common regime, belonging to the simplified regime, withholding agents, other customs users and remains subject to administrative obligations.

Around the world it receives different names, in Brazil it is known as CPF, in Argentina as CUIT, in Spain as NIF, in Venezuela as RIF and in Chile and Colombia it is known as RUT , to name a few, but the functions of each are always the same.

What is the main function of the RUT?

It can be used for different purposes, but the main function of the RUT is to identify and guarantee the economic activity that each person carries out before third parties , with whom there is an economic, labor or commercial relationship, being this necessary to pay taxes.

It is used by tax and supervisory entities to maintain an updated, truthful and reliable control and access to the information of those who register in it, ensuring compliance with all tax, customs and exchange obligations.

By containing a backup of all the economic and tax information of a person, it is even possible to have access to their personal data such as name and address, which is very useful for companies that want to know in depth future employees.

Why is it important to update the RUT?

Keeping the RUT updated is a mandatory process under the law , which must be carried out when personal data of the document is modified such as a change in identification, location or telephone numbers, or also commercial updates such as a change in economic activity or in the responsibilities of the company.

This update must be done in less than 15 days , counting from the day the change is made. In this way, if the deadline is broken and the RUT is not updated on time, it causes sanctions by the law, being able to close the premises, pay a UT for each day of delay or other fines in cash.

These fines should not be confused with RUT Traffic fines , which are the result of committing a vehicular offense and are applied in totally different cases.

What information can be updated from the online portal?

Through the web portal of the Internal Revenue Service it is possible to update your data without having to attend an office in person. You can update your change of address, changes in branches, change of email, mobile phone or economic activity.

Thanks to this process, it is also possible to give notice in case of loss or recovery, if previously reported loss, of your identity card.

How do I update the RUT from the web portal?

To update your data through the website, even if you have forgotten your password , simply enter the website of the National Tax and Customs Directorate, log in to the option of “registered users”, in the “Enter to name of ”, finally click on“ proper name ”.

Then enter the “RUT Update” icon, where a form will appear to modify your information. To save the information you can click on the “draft” button, and when you have everything ready you click “send, then” formalize “and finally you can download the PDF at no additional cost.

What do you need to update in person?

However, you can also update in person if that is easier for you. You just have to request and schedule the appointment through this website , fill out the form and that’s it, you just have to attend on the scheduled date. You will need the following documents:

If you are a natural person

As a natural person, you must bring your original citizenship card that day, if you do not have it due to loss, you must attach the document granted by the National Registry of Civil Status in these cases.

In the event that you send a proxy, he or she must carry a photocopy of the citizenship card , a simple power of attorney with its respective copy, accompanied by its validity certificate issued by the notary, when the general power of attorney is valid for more than 6 months.

If you are a legal entity

In case you are obliged to previously register with the chamber of commerce, you should not carry any collection. However, those who are not registered must present a document of proof of existence and legal representation, carried out in a period of time less than one month.

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