How to Restart and Shut Down My iPad

Among the reasons why we decide to reset our devices, we can find malfunctions or the prevention of identity theft compared to the decision to sell the electronic device where we store so much personal information.

If you are looking for steps to help you reset your device, I invite you to continue reading this article. In See how it is done, we will see a tutorial on how to restart and turn off my iPad.

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  1. What should we take into account before restoring my iPad?
  2. What is the procedure to restore my iPad to factory data?
    1. From the internal settings
    2. Hard Reset with iTunes
  3. Methods to restart an iPad
    1. No start button
    2. With the start button
  4. How can we restore an iPad that is locked?
    1. With iCloud
    2. If you don’t have the Apple ID
    3. Using ‘My Find iPhone’

What should we take into account before restoring my iPad?

First we must be clear about why we want to restart our iPad. If the reason is that we are looking to fix failures in the operation of our device, it is likely that we want to keep the files that we store on the iPad.

Restoring the iPad will lose all the information we have on it, unless we use iCloud. If you want to keep this data, we can easily guide you with iPhone backup .

What is the procedure to restore my iPad to factory data?

The factory reset can be useful if a simple restart does not help us to solve the problem that our iPad presents, or if we want to delete all our data to sell it.

If we want to keep our data, as we have mentioned, we can create a backup by guiding us from the backup for the iPhone.

Once the copy is made, if required, we are ready to restore the iPad. In addition, you can also update it to the latest version without losing your data and regardless of how old it is.

From the internal settings

First, we will go to Settings> General> Reset and press the option to Delete all content and settings, then we select “Delete iPad” and confirm the action.

Finally, once restored, the iPad will turn on as when we first bought it. Now we have to decide if we will restore the backup we created or configure it again.

Hard Reset with iTunes

To do it this way, we must connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable and open iTunes. Once the device is detected, the option to restore will appear and we will activate it with one click. This will restore the iPad to the latest version of iOS.

Methods to restart an iPad

No start button

To restart the iPad without using this button, these are the steps you must follow. Remember to fulfill them in order. Must:

  1. We hold down a volume button and the upper button simultaneously for several seconds until the slider to turn off appears.
  2. We slide to turn off and wait for this action to complete. Usually it consists of 30 seconds. Don’t touch any other buttons in the meantime.
  3. Finally, to turn it on, we will press the upper button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. And ready! The iPad is rebooted.

With the start button

This method is very similar to the previous one. First we press the upper button until the off slider appears. Then we swipe and wait 30 seconds for it to turn off. And finally, to turn it on, we press the upper button again.

How can we restore an iPad that is locked?

If we enter a wrong password too many times, our iPad will end up locked. Now we will talk a little about how we can solve this problem, you just have to know that for this we will need a computer .

With iCloud

Unlocking our iPad with the iCloud storage cloud is very simple since it connects and can be created on all the devices of your operating system . To use this method we need to remember this password and keep in mind that all data on the iPad will be lost.

However, if we have created the backup we can rest assured, since it will take only seconds to recover it. To unlock the iPad with iCloud we must:

Start our iCloud session from another device. Then, among the devices associated with the account, we will find our iPad. And finally, once the device is selected, we click Delete.

We make sure to confirm the action and that it is completed. This deactivates the lock and we can use our device again.

If you don’t have the Apple ID

The password of our Apple ID is essential to unlock our devices from iCloud in case we forget your password, therefore, not having it is a serious problem.

However, Apple technical support offers us the option of recovering it using a security form that will allow them to recognize us and help us solve our problem.

Using ‘My Find iPhone’

This function is usually used to block access to the device if for some reason we no longer have it in our hands. However, making use of it we can also unlock our iPhone or iPad in very simple steps:

First, log into your iCloud account from another device, using your Apple ID and its respective password. Then, once inside, select Search so you can find your device. Finally, as in the first method, we select delete device, and that’s it!

If you want to know more about Apple devices, you can visit the website to see all the devices they have available, the frequently asked questions and information about the company.

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