How to Update Snapchat

The ghost application is very addictive, it cannot be denied that Snapchat is one of the largest applications in terms of demand for use by Internet users. It will not only lie in its simple way of entering or logging in . The excessive popularity of Snapchat goes hand in hand with its great possibility of access and use in various kinds, such as its use from computers .

But in turn, its popularity goes hand in hand with the new functions that this application can offer , as indeed it offers with certain recurrence, updating Snapchat quickly and easily, is the best measure to have access to its new functions.

Being able to use the new Snapchat update is a requirement that all its users seek to meet, with reasons to spare. And today we are going to tell you how to update Snapchat to use its new functions and features. What are they?

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  1. Snapchat updates
  2. What are the new features in the latest version of Snapchat?
  3. Procedure to update Snapchat
    1. On an Android device
    2. On iPhone or iPad
  4. How can I activate notifications every time there is an update?
  5. How can I use IFTT reminders to receive Snapchat updates

Snapchat updates

Being an application, it is of course intended to be used. Its use is what forces a constant and permanent update of the internal Snapchat platform, which will allow the incorporation of new functions, as well as the correction of errors and the possibility of complying with the new demands of Internet users in terms of functions. and possibilities.

The Snapchat application will always be subject to the use and taste of its users , in a relationship of companionship, where people are immersed in the use of their possibilities, and in turn, the application gives people the pleasure of fulfilling their desires in terms of entertainment, distraction and quality of service.

Being directed as an application for commercial use, that is, used by everyone and for everyone, it must be in constant self-analysis. So Snapchat updates are an adaptive response to perceived changes in public tastes . This is how the incorporation of new functions, through updates, is a constant that will not stop.

What are the new features in the latest version of Snapchat?

It is in a highly requested application, from which it directly infers the need for constant updates to always be at the forefront. In the same way, to be able to offer the best comforts to the user when using it, and this is demonstrated in its latest version that it gives a great novelty.

So far, the latest version of the application that is offered is number Which brings as a novelty that you can now continue with a call outside of the internal Snapchat chat platform . This makes it possible to continue viewing and enjoying functions and offerings within the application interface, while on a call.

In this way, Snapchat gives you a better way to stay in touch with the people you love. Well, the possibility of a flame in the background allows us to maintain communication while carrying out other tasks on the device.

Procedure to update Snapchat

The update process of the Snapchat application is very simple, only a few simple steps must be followed that will make this action possible. However, it will vary, depending on the medium or operating system where you want to install.

On an Android device

In order to update the Snapchat application , we must go directly to the Play Store, and make sure that it is also updated.

On the left side we will have a menu with lines, we will go to the one that says “my applications and games” where a list is broken down. Remember that this is optional, since we can take a shortcut, at the start of the Play Store, we can write the name of the App and have direct access.

We go to the Snapchat icon , and click on the option to update the application. Where the download and installation of the new update will begin.

On iPhone or iPad

We head straight to the App Store . Where we will see inside the tabs for internal use, we will go to the tab that says “updates”

Within the list, we will go to where Snapchat is shown , if it is not displayed, it means that it is already in its latest version. If it is on the list, we only have to click on “update” that will be displayed on the side of the application.

How can I activate notifications every time there is an update?

Our mobile devices offer us different options that allow us to efficiently manage each of the applications that we have installed . But the lack of knowledge about this aspect can turn our world into chaos. Luckily you are reading this article that will guide you intelligently on this topic.

Although we are obliged to tell you that there is no option as such that can be activated to receive notifications of updates. Therefore, the only thing you can do in this case is activate Google alerts so that you receive an E-mail . In it you will be offered information about the next updates of your App.

But in the case that you are using a mobile device that works with the Android operating system. We can tell you that through the Google virtual store, the Play Store, it is possible to activate notifications to know which App has been updated . And we do not simply mean Snapchat, but all those that are on your smartphone.

To activate notifications, you just have to follow these simple steps, go to the settings of your Smartphone and in the menu select ‘Notifications’. The next step will be to find and click on the ‘Applications’ option. And in the next window we will select ‘Play Store’ in the next section we will find and mark the option ‘ Updates completed ‘.

And this is all you have to do, in this way every time an application that is installed on your mobile phone is updated. You will immediately receive a notification , in this way you will always know which of them has been updated to its latest version.

How can I use IFTT reminders to receive Snapchat updates

But in this specific case that you want to receive a notification when there is a Snapchat update, you can use IFTT reminders . But this is only possible to do through an Android device. In this way, every time you receive an E-Mail from Google alerts, you will receive a text message directly to your mobile.

Therefore, since there is an update for Snapchat in the App Store, the Apple virtual store, it also means that there is also an update in the Play Store. This way you will receive a notification using the IFTT reminder . This is the only way you have to be informed about the latest in this fabulous social network.

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