How To Disable night mode of iOS 15

Operating systems advance and with them come improvements in many areas, both in performance and functionalities , and the latter is the case of one of the changes that reach the Apple ecosystem with iOS 15 . The latest version of the North American operating system, still in beta , incorporates a photographic enhancement that many users probably needed .

The night modes are practical in that they manage to extract light from where there is none by applying certain processes and delaying the closing of the diaphragm at the time of photography. But these night modes are not always what we need, and even less when their use is automatic. Now, iOS 15 will allow you to deactivate the night mode at once .

iOS, stop activating night mode whenever you want

When the iPhone detects that the ambient light is insufficient when going to capture a photo, iOS automatically activates the night mode. But this mode can be deactivated by pressing the corresponding button in the iPhone camera app. We simply have to press the upper button and then slide the exposure selector, leaving the mode deactivated.

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This deactivation is, however, temporary. Once we take the corresponding photograph, the mode will be set back to automatic, so we will have to deactivate it without stopping in night sessions. However, iOS 15 fixes this by allowing us to disable night mode until we decide to turn it back on again . Or rather, until we put it back on automatic.

To deactivate the night mode of the iPhone camera we must:

  1. Open the iPhone Settings app with iOS 15
  2. Access the Camera section.
  3. Click on Keep settings.
  4. Click on Night Mode.

Said and done, we have just told the iPhone to keep the settings applied to night mode so once we deactivate it at the time of photography, it will be permanently deactivated until we decide to activate it again. No more deactivating photo by photo. A small change but certainly useful for the more photographers of the place.

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