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Emojis turn out to be one of the best ways to communicate our emotions through messages on our social networks. In the beginning, emojis were just about commas and periods, through which we had a lot of fun.

Currently emojis have become one of the most vital accessories within all our telephone devices. Detail that has not gone unnoticed by Google thus creating “Emoji Kitchen”, which is integrated into the Gboard keyboard.

With “Emoji Kitchen” you can create Personalized Stickers based on the emojis you choose, thus adding features of each. Therefore, if the more than 3,300 existing standard emojis are not enough, we recommend the Gboard keyboard.

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  1. Where do I find the emojis for the Gboard keyboard?
  2. Can you make custom emojis on your mobile keyboard?
  3. How can I combine emojis using the Gboard keyboard?
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  4. What other features does Gboard offer?
  5. The best combinations of emojis to use on WhatsApp

Where do I find the emojis for the Gboard keyboard?

Now, you already know the advantages offered by the keyboard devised by Google for smartphones. You have installed it on your mobile, but now you don’t know where to look to get the emojis and thus include them in your messages . Well, do not worry, in this article we will reveal where you should look exactly and you can always have these cute faces at hand.

The Gboard keyboard offers you different functions including being able to change its theme or send animated GIF images. But you can also include funny emojis in your messages, an alternative that was recently included on the keyboard . And for this you just have to do the following, first of all check if you have the Emoji Kitchen function active.

If you do not know how to do it, follow this route, open the Gboard keyboard, then touch the icon to enter the settings, it is shaped like a gear. In the menu that will be displayed you must select the option ‘Preferences’. Now you must click on the ‘Design’ option in this window, the ‘ Emoji search suggestions ‘ option must be activated .

Once you carry out the verification and the function of Emojis Kitchen is active, now enter any messaging App where you want to send a message and include an emojis . The next step is to display the keyboard and the emoji icon will appear at the bottom of it. Press it and a great variety of these cute and funny faces will appear.

Can you make custom emojis on your mobile keyboard?

One of the main features offered by the Emojis Kitchen function that is included in the Gboard keyboard for smartphones. It allows us to customize in a very simple way the emojis that you want to include in your messages. This then becomes another tool to make our interactions more fun and enjoyable.

So that you can create an emojis and customize it the way you want, it will only be necessary that you take two different emojis and combine them . In this way you will get unique and different emojis that express exactly what you want to communicate.

It is important that you know that you can achieve a little more than 14 thousand possible combinations . For you to achieve this, you must do the following, enter the text messaging or App where you are going to send your message.

Display the Gboard keyboard, click on the emoji icon to enter the gallery, the next step is the most fun and creative. Press the emojis you want to combine, you can select up to three faces and you will see the result at the top of the screen. If you like the result that you abstained, you can send it and let the fun continue.

How can I combine emojis using the Gboard keyboard?

Mixing emojis is very easy to do, with Gboard you will create the stickers you want and send them through different social networks. The first thing you should do is download or update Gboard and activate the  Emoji Explorer Suggestions” function And follow these steps.

Step 1

Enter the social network of your choice, touch the writing area, the keyboard will appear on the screen . Press the icon with a smiley face found on the keyboard, it will show you different emoji options.

Step 2

When you open the emojis section, several suggestions for making the different emojis will appear in a new field. Now just search and select the emoji you want to use as a base, Google will offer you different suggestions of it . These variations will be a combination of the chosen emoji with others, you will not be able to choose the second one, but Gboard will give other options. This can be chosen later, since it will appear among the suggestions written when selecting one emoji and another to be able to mix them.

Step 3

Choose the one you want and press send, the emoji will be sent as a sticker or as an image. As we already learned how to mix emojis, now is the time to learn how to make custom emojis with your face .

Following the steps we took to mix emojis, we pressed the face with colors and a question mark. We press create, the front camera of the phone will be activated, said photograph will become an emoji that you can customize. This configuration is possible due to the combination of Machine Learnig and the reading made by the system to your face. You will be able to change the color of the eyes, skin or hair to said emoji .

What other features does Gboard offer?

Gboard offers a host of features that other keyboards don’t, we’ll talk about a few below. It has Google Traslate so it will not be necessary to alternate between the app and the messaging service to translate . Choosing the input and output language will translate directly as you type in the application you use.

It has its own Clipboard which you can activate , it will remind you of what you copied an hour ago on the phone. You can use two languages ​​at the same time which will show you suggestions and an automatic corrector to the language you write.

If you are tired of the same style that your Gboard keyboard offers, now you can change the theme that it brings by default. If this is your case, you just have to press the G key, then you just have to press the three dots. Then you just go to the Themes option, where you will find a catalog of different Themes available for your Keyboard. As they are in light or dark colors, and even landscapes or abstracts, there is a great variety of them.

You can also use Morse Code by changing the language to English, you will control the waiting times to separate the words. It should be mentioned, for those lovers of GIF images, the Gboard Keyboard has its own GIF search engine. To use it, you just have to press the G key, and search among the multiple options where GIFs appear.

There you will be able to view many GIF images that belong to the Giphy website with which it is associated. It should be noted that the Gboard keyboard also has the option to make your own animated GIFs.

The best combinations of emojis to use on WhatsApp

As we already mentioned, it is possible to make all the combinations that you want to be able to create a personalized emojis . Therefore the only limitation you will have is your imagination and it will all depend on how creative you are. As is well known that one of the most used direct messages currently is WhatsApp and you will want to send these faces in your messages.

Well, this will not be a problem, and you just have to enter the App and slide the Google keyboard, press the emoji icon and make the combinations you want. If you don’t like any of them, it doesn’t matter, try another combination until you get the one you want . Then simply share them with your WhatsApp contacts.

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