How to create iPhone emojis on your Android

There are few things that Android users envy iOS users. Of course, there is a point that undoubtedly everyone wants, and they are their emojis. And it is that you can create emojis on iPhone that are a true wonder. These are personalized, and have a style that we would like to be able to enjoy.

Well, the dream of having the possibility of creating iPhone emojis on our Android is over , because today, this is already possible. Of course, you have to know which are the applications with which you will be able to enjoy almost identical results. That is why we have prepared a list of the applications with which you can create iPhone emojis on your Android.


  • 1 You can create iPhone emojis on Android with Memoji
  • 2 Gboard
  • 3 Bitmoji
  • 4 Download Zepetto to create iPhone emojis

You can create iPhone emojis on Android with Memoji

The first of the applications that we are going to recommend you to be able to create iPhone emojis on your Android is Memoji. Although in this case we have a somewhat different application, but don’t worry, you will have the emoji of your face if it is the only thing you wanted. But having options is not bad at all, and that is what Memoji offers you.


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When you go to create your emojis, the app will provide you with a large number of ways and options to choose from , and you will put your face on the ones you have decided. Once you have made your creation, you will be able to customize it even more. As options you can find adding eyes, glasses, mouths with different expressions and more elements that you can discover. Do not hesitate and start creating the craziest and funniest emojis in the iPhone style, but on your Android phone.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps for this, although we leave you other options that will more than meet your expectations. In addition, they are extremely easy to use, so you should not worry about this aspect.


Memoji: Create emoji from your face

Developer: NTD Developer

Price: Free


Let’s go with another of the applications that you can find in the Google store with which you will be able to create iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone. There is no doubt that the emojis that this other operating system uses are really fun, and having your own would not be bad at all. Well, even though the app we’re recommending is actually a keyboard, we’re not kidding you.

The truth is that it is to the application of this keyboard where the emoji generator has gone Besides, this one can also make thumbnails and stickers. It is a function of the keyboard that is not really visible, but you will be able to find it in the list of available stickers.

To create emojis like on iPhone, but on Android, first you will have to take a photo, and then the application will take care of the rest of the work. The best thing is that if you are not very happy with the result, later you will be able to edit it, both in tones and colors and other elements. In addition, you will be able to enjoy three different packages of stickers, which will be based on your face. These are cheeky miniatures, cute miniatures, and emoji miniatures.


Gboard: the Google keyboard

Developer: Google LLC

Price: Free


We turn to one of the best apps you can find to create iPhone emojis on your phone with the Android operating system. And, as we said, there are few things that we can envy to iOS, but its emojis are really fun, and that is why we have applications with which we can have them too.

Bitmoji is one of the most experienced apps when it comes to creating digital avatars. This company was founded in 2007, and in 2016 it was the creators of Snapchat who stayed with it, so you can imagine that it got much better. For this reason, the app itself integrates Bitmoji functions to create iPhone emojis. Of course, the creations can be shared on other social networks, such as Telegram, LINE, Facebook Messenger and of course WhatsApp.

When it comes to creating your own personalized avatar , you will have to do the same as in the app that we have shown you previously. Take a selfie and automatically, the application will take care of making your digital copy. In case you did not like what the app has created, you have the possibility to make modifications, such as the color of the skin, the hairstyle, the shape of the nose and more elements.



Developer: Bitmoji

Price: Free

Download Zepetto to create iPhone emojis

If you liked the Bitmoji application to create iPhone apps on your Android, you will probably like Zepetto even more. And it is that in the world of mobile applications, few things are not possible. And is that Zepetto is like Bitmoji, but with 3D creations, which leaves us with much more impressive results.

As you have had to do with Bitmoji and Gboard, you will have to take a photo of your face with the front camera so that the application can automatically make a personalized digital version of you.

But this does not stop here, you will not only have a representation of your face, you will also have a body to dress. Of course, this is where the problem comes, because to put clothes and other accessories you will have to pay, since they require payment of coins and diamonds. Although not all the garments are paid, there are some that are free, although as you can imagine, these will be the simplest. As for the rest of the modifications, you will be free to modify your emoji. Once you have it ready, you will also be able to enjoy the different poses that the application has, some of them are animated, and you will be able to share them on more social networks to show off your creation.


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