5 types of women: find out what your type is and who you want to become!

Despite the individuality of each one, it is possible to subdivide the profile of us women, with regard to the way we are. If you had to fit into a specific group of types of women, do you know what that would be?

It is exactly the types of women that we are going to talk about today, so that you can have a different reading about who you are and that woman you would like to be. Remember that the idea is to always find a balance, since that must be the motto of everything in our life, ok? Come on?

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In your group of friends, do you usually identify a subgroup? Do you have an affinity more with some than with others? This is all very normal, since all people are different from each other, especially us women.

In addition to personality traits, habits can also shape someone’s behavior, since we are all the result of the sum of internal and external factors. But are you happy being the woman you are? Can you identify which are the most striking features of your personality that can define you?

Which of the 5 types of women are you?

1. Women who are analytical

Analyze several points, the pros and cons of any situation, ponder until making a decision, be it important or trivial. If you see yourself in these characteristics, you can consider yourself an analytical woman, but rest assured. There is nothing wrong with that. Normally, women who have an outstanding characteristic of being analytical are also balanced – remember that this is the key to success? -, have a strong leadership spirit and are confident about themselves.

Of course, these are strong personality traits, and extremely striking, which, in a relationship, can confuse the partner. You see, as I said, being an analytical woman is far from a defect, but since you always have a firm hold on the decisions you make because you have considered the situations as a whole, you can give the image of someone who is irreducible of your convictions.

If with this description you still have doubts if it fits this profile, know that another characteristic of those who are extremely analytical is to become the psychologist of any relationship: be it with friends, children or with companions.

This indicates another strong feature of this profile: because they have a more practical view of any situation, these people are safe and sensible.

Now, pulling to the less rational side, it is necessary to be attentive so that the habit of analyzing is not greater than its spontaneity, as well as the natural impulse that certain situations demand, ok?

2. Women who stick to details

To stick to the details, you need to analyze, right? This is precisely why women who are attached to details are also analytical, after all, one can only see the little one looking at the whole.

The great advantage of detail-oriented women is that, because they have a close eye, they perceive things and sensations that pass by other people. It is like a kind of super power, which makes each situation be seen in detail.

This can also be considered a positive characteristic when we think of a sense of creativity and commitment in what we assume to do, whether in professional life or even in a relationship. But the line between using the detail side in a positive way and the frustration is quite blurred. That’s because, for those who are extremely detailed, satisfaction is exactly in the small things – and we know that not everything works out as we would like all the time, right?

So, if you think that, among the types of women, you fall into that, my golden advice is: see what no one else sees, but seek your satisfaction in everything. For example, if you have a stable and healthy relationship, your partner is extremely dedicated and committed to the same goals as yours, do not let a small defect hinder your analysis of the relationship as a whole. Here, the sum rule applies: if it is positive, this is the result you should focus on.

3. Untimely women

This is one of the easiest types of women to identify by looking at someone’s characteristics. If the people you live with often tell you that you look like a time bomb, have a short temper or are stressed by anything, this is a sign that, yes, you can be an untimely woman.

Nowadays, due to the running routine and the thousand and one daily tasks to be performed, it is normal for stress to influence behavior, causing explosive situations – even out of hours – whether at work, at home or among friends. All of us women have days when we don’t wake up on the right foot, and everything, absolutely everything, tends to be more irritating and provocative. These days are normal, and if the explosion with some situations is triggered by these factors, you may not necessarily be considered an untimely woman.

This characteristic is commonly associated with a defect, that is, a point to correct in the personality, but is there no benefit brought about by the explosion?

Of course there is. People who tend to fight for their ideals and who defend their opinion are considered strong and feel secure. But remember our rule: finding a middle ground is essential to harmonize your personality with that of the people who live with you.

4. Too sincere women

Who doesn’t want to live with someone who is real, easy to deal with simply because it is always possible to know what he thinks or feels? Indeed, women who are very sincere also tend to be extremely sure of themselves, since they do not care about what they need to face in order to expose their convictions and opinions in the face of everyday situations.

If among the types of women, you have sincerity as the main characteristic, know that your friends value – and a lot – your friendship. After all, it is always good to be able to count on the sincere and transparent opinion of those who know us.

But it is exactly at this point that you need to be careful with excess transparency: depending on the situation and how you deal with this characteristic of yours, the chances of hurting someone, even without meaning to, are great.

It is clear that if, among the types of women, this is your profile, you should never change! My tip is to try to exercise a little more the waist game, so essential for good living. And don’t worry: trying to control instinctual attitudes does not mean that you are not being sincere, but that you are trying to apply this characteristic of yours in the best possible way.

5. Women who are closed

Being closed does not mean being a woman without spontaneity and sparkle in your eyes. Often, this personality trait is noticeable precisely because of another strong characteristic: shyness.

Women who are closed tend to have a harder time demonstrating their feelings, which can be considered a point to be improved. On the other hand, they are extremely ethical and take their commitments to themselves and to third parties seriously.

Basically, these are the main characteristics of the types of women. If you identified with any of them, great! This shows your level of self-knowledge and analysis of your positive and negative traits.

The next step, now, is to choose who you want to be and define the actions to achieve balance – with yourself and with the people with whom you relate -, of course, preserving everything that makes you be you, since we will always have defects and qualities. What changes, in fact, is our perception of them and the willingness to change what is needed.

So, at what stage are you between what you are today and the woman you want to be? To try to figure this out, how about downloading the PDF below with an exercise I prepared for you? In this free PDF you will find 4 questions to help you work on your self image better.

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