35 questions to find your inner passion

35 questions to find your inner passion!

Only you can find out what your passion is, what it is that makes your inner fire glow! Many are unaware of what they are passionate about and are just waiting for the fire to flare up and make them feel Wow! These questions will help you find your inner passion. Sit in peace and quiet and take your time when answering the questions. The more thoughtful answers you leave, the clearer it becomes for you. Some questions will appeal to you more than others which is perfectly okay.

The purpose of these questions is to find what fills you with the most joy of life and gives you the most satisfaction. These questions are great to ask yourself if you are thinking about what to work with, what to study, when changing careers, if you want to get to know yourself better, if you want to find what it is that makes you in a good mood etc etc .

It’s time to start living your life with passion!

  1. What in your life makes you happiest?
    2. What makes you excited?
    3. What in your life makes you feel invincible?
    4. What do other people thank you for?
    5. What are you extremely good at?
    6. What are your most valuable gifts and qualities?
    7. Who is your biggest role model? Why?
    8. Who inspires you the most? Why?
    9. When did you last outperform? What was it that made you tear so much?
    10. When what you last in flow, so there so that time and space just disappeared? What did you do?
    11. Imagine that you have won 100 million on Lotto. What would you do then?
    12. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
    13. If you could get or do anything, what would it be?
    14. What topics are you most often heard discussing or defending with others?
    15. What makes you most angry in this world?
    16. If you had unlimited resources, what in the world would you do?
    17. What worries you most about future generations? Whether you have children or not.
    18. What do you most like to help your fellow human beings with?
    19. What is your favorite department at the library?
    20. Which magazine do you take first on the newspaper shelf in the store?
    21. Think of the last time you could not fall asleep because you were so excited about something you were going to do the next day. What was it you were so excited about?
    22. If you knew that your art / creativity could support you, what would you do then? (art, music, theater, photography, dance, car building, motif painting, etc.)
    23. Of all the professions / services you had, what would you happily do for free if you did not have to work for your livelihood?
    24. If you could be a visitor at your own funeral (in 100 years or so), what would you like the others to say about you?
    25. What traces do you want to leave behind when you die?
    26. What do your friends and family say you are good at? If you do not come up with something, ask 5 friends.
    27. What topics are you naturally curious about? What do you find interesting and tickling?
    28. If you have an hour to complete free time on the Internet, what would you search for or explore further?
    29. What did you want to be when you were a child? What does that profession represent to you today?
    30. What did you think was very funny when you were a child?
    31. If you were to write a book, what would be its title? What would it be about?
    32. Which professions do you find exciting?
    33. What 5 different jobs can you imagine would fit in with your interests?
    34. What is the absolute best thing about the profession you have today?
    35. What is the absolute most fun thing about your profession?

When you have answered the questions and read through your answers, you will get an overview of which area your passion is in. Wish you a lot of fun and good luck!


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