My Monday routine

I have a Monday routine. It is super important to me because it gives me the calm start I want and creates the right direction into the rest of the week. My Monday routine has grown and the way it looks now suits me really well at the moment.

I start my week calmly

Monday morning is my own and I prefer it to follow a certain pattern. If I am not allowed to have it that way, I easily get in a bad mood. It’s important for me to really get that good start that sets the direction for my whole week. Neither it is full of work nor a quieter week. This routine has really made a big difference to my productivity throughout the week.

My Monday routine

My Monday routine looks like it does because I have the opportunity to really pull it off. I mostly choose myself when I arrange meetings and who I talk to. I have the luxury of being able to fully choose when I work and when I am free. I fully understand that this is not the case for most people but maybe some of what I do will suit you during your morning.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. When the children have gone to school and the man to work (not now when he works at home but otherwise) I take my first cup of tea, start music that I like and then I look through my calendar. I probably did a rough planning of my week on Sunday so what I do now is that I do the detailed planning as far as possible. I have had this habit for so many years now so I do not even remember when I started with it.

2 . After I check that everything is as it should be, I check through social media and see if there is something I should answer and then I make the week’s first post on Linkedin and post something in stories on Instagram. Sometimes I have posted a post in the feed on Instagram already at 07:00. It varies.

  1. I continue to write. What I write depends on what assignments I have at the moment. It can be an article, a blog post or the creative in a strategy for a customer. I do not make pure plans for customers or the like. Only what gives me joy and triggers creativity.
  2. If I have meetings that I need to prepare for, I am happy to do so during my hours on Monday morning. It’s nice to keep track of what I’ll contribute to the meeting or create agendas if it’s on my table to do so (agendas are often my job).
  3. I send emails to existing customers and clients and respond to emails I received during the weekend.
  4. I go to Facebook and write a hello to the new week message to the members of Be Your Power.

Here it is about lunchtime and I take a break. If the weather is nice, I go out on the terrace for a while and if it is not terrace weather, I watch a section of the series I am currently watching.

  1. My first meeting is booked at 13:30. This week’s Mastermind with my entrepreneurial colleagues. It is usually only when I talk to someone, but it also happens that I need to have a meeting in the morning, but then it preferably does not happen until 11:00 at the earliest.


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