6 success factors I live by

Do you think there are success factors to a good life? I think it’s probably the case that we all create our own ways to achieve success but that there are also some components that are helpful. If you know what advice to follow, you will succeed.

Choose what advice you follow

There is advice from everywhere on how to best live your life and how to create the success you desire. Of course, it’s nice to get help with in. In the end, it’s your decision what you actually choose to do. Do not forget to listen to your inner voice about what is right and wrong.

6 success factors I live by

I have put together a list of 8 points that I consider important. I start from myself here so these are the success factors I live by myself. At least six of them.

  1. Do what you can with what you have
    Always start from the position you are in right now and work from there. Do not immediately think that you need to buy something or have some expertise to get started. Start where you can start and let the rest fall into place gradually. In other words: Dig where you stand.
  2. Small steps are also steps
    It is so easy to believe that success is about big events and achievements. Not at all. Success can be as small as anything but make a big difference for you, the company, the group or whatever it’s about.
  3. You are what you think you are
    This point is important. What you say to yourself becomes true, so remember to be careful about how you talk to yourself. Everyone is a beginner in the beginning so thinking that the starting point is always to be the best at something will take you backwards rather than forwards. You are good!
  4. What happens tomorrow is an effect of what you thought and did today
    Yep! Success is about progress and it is about work. Results only come when you make an effort, so what you do today you will reap tomorrow. What you start today you can continue tomorrow and one day ahead you are done.
  5. Get rid of musts
    How do I think now? Does not everyone have the musts? Yes, we have. There are definitely musts in life but your attitude to these musts is up to you. If you decide that it is boring and heavy, it will be so. In addition, I am absolutely convinced that there are musts that you can get rid of.
  6. Collect karma points
    Instead of thinking “How do I make money”, think “How can I help people around me?”.
    This point does not have to be about money. The point is, do not think about what you get out of something but how you can be helpful. What you do comes back one way or another. It’s like karma. Collect karma points and you will feel good.


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