Inner peace: what it is and how to achieve it

The frenzy of time, the continuous daily rush to work and the overload of a thousand commitments has caused us to lose an important pillar of life: inner peace .Often you find yourself prey to a mind crowded with thoughts, a disarming restlessness that worries you until you live in the throes of anxiety.

As you look outside for the cause of this malaise, you’re not realizing that the worst enemy is what you create in your mind.An enemy resulting from infinite variables that turn into a deep stress from which you can hardly free yourself. He has no shoes or clothes but has a well-known voice: yours.

You are the one who creates the prison you live in.

The enemy becomes your judge, the one who doesn’t allow you to make free choices and who reminds you that you won’t be up to certain situations.

The consequence of all this is that you will begin to seek some tranquility that allows you to escape from situations that crush you or that you feel prevent you from being happy.

You will seek your inner peace.

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What is inner peace

What does inner peace mean?

Inner peace is a state of great serenity that persists in everyday life, in every action you take, in the choices you make bearing in mind that the decisions you make make you feel good. Furthermore, it is a feeling of great peace in which, free from fear, stress and suffering, you can enjoy a state of well-being.

It means not only experiencing a moment of serenity or freeing yourself only from negative thoughts but finding awareness and connection with yourself, with the environment that surrounds you, with the universe.

Inner peace is when what you say, what you think, what you do, are in perfect harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

Inner peace is learning to carve out time and a space in the daily flow to recharge the dead batteries of your energy.

You can’t buy it in the supermarket, it can’t be reached with a snap of your fingers but it requires constancy and perseverance that will lead you to build it slowly, day after day.

Inner peace involves profound work on oneself which, done with commitment, will lead you to manage your thoughts and emotions avoiding being dominated by them.

Where to find inner peace

Unfortunately there is nothing outside of you that can give you this state of stillness. Inner peace comes from within each one. If disorder reigns within you, external events will also mirror this condition.

You claim to change others, everything you don’t like and that doesn’t belong to you. This is the very first and biggest mistake because inner peace is achieved by changing something within oneself so that the light of good can be reflected on the outside.

Those who cultivate serenity will transmit peace even outside.

Carving out time for yourself in order to find serenity is a way to isolate yourself from the daily chaos, get away from being permanently connected on all social networks and create a space, at home, to live alone with yourself.

Mental detox is the means to discover that the key to serenity lies in the most remote corner of the heart.

Dedicate this time to introspection and solitude .

Our ancestors are great teachers about the weather. They were more aware as they decided to divide their day with a break. Their way of approaching the time dimension was not marked by the classic clock, in hours and minutes, but by respecting the natural course of things.

The rhythm of their lives was in tune with the cycle of nature as it is structured: day and night, sunrise and sunset, alternating seasons, phases of the moon.

Going back in time, recovering these teachings is not enough. For this I have listed below 10 steps that will help you on this journey.

10 steps to find inner peace

Rediscovering inner peace means possessing great wealth. Here’s how.

  1. Meditate. Meditation constitutes a ritual in which you reconnect to your self by calming the mind with breath and presence. Thanks to the breath it is possible to enter a deep inner state that calms negative thoughts by discovering your true nature and a new balance that brings transformation on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  2. Let it go. Let events flow naturally without forcing or fighting against anything or anyone that brings negativity into your life. You could preclude yourself from exploring new horizons, discovering possibilities you hadn’t imagined. Letting go is an attitude that puts you in a position to be ready to receive.
  3. Live here and now . One of the biggest mistakes that doesn’t allow you to live peacefully is being anchored in the past and worried about the future. The present is the ground in which you can change things, throw the good seed that will bear fruit in the future, so take care of what you live now, separate yourself from the past and build the future with love. In the present moment you can decide to cultivate inner peace by valuing this time. Master Oogway in Kung fu Panda says: ” Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present “.
  4. Accept yourself . Accept yourself for who you are, even what you don’t like about yourself. Don’t judge yourself, rather improve and exceed your limits. Be aware of your negative parts, your weaknesses to be able to face them and accept them. In the same way, be sincere and loyal by noting your qualities, the ground on which to increase your self-esteem.
  5. Cultivate gratitude. Gratitude creates the conditions for developing greater inner serenity. Being grateful both for good experiences and for what failed to meet expectations allows you to learn to accept situations for what they are. Gratitude leads man towards a deep connection with himself, with nature and with the universe. You can start being grateful for everything you take for granted, for small daily gestures and for everything you own.
  6. Forgive. Forgiving is a strong act that requires the will to lay down the hatchet of revenge or punishment to indulge in positive feelings and thoughts towards that person. Learn to look at the other as a different world from yours, as a different story that pushes him to act differently from you. Forgiveness is a choice. You can continue to hold grudges and resentment or choose to be happy, to follow the path of forgiveness to prevent bad seeds from continuing to grow inside you.
  7. Turn worries into allies. Does life put you in front of changes? Avoid dealing with them with anxiety, stress, or by exaggerating them into problems. Face them with lucidity in order to find a solution, a creative way out at that moment so as not to complicate things. You may decide to train your brain to be active rather than passive in order to solve problems that come your way.
  8. Drive away negative thoughts and people. Identify everything that doesn’t make you feel good, what sucks your energy and prevents you from being serene. Surround yourself with people who make you smile, who appreciate you for who you are and who don’t feed your feelings of guilt. Share the good times with them so as to ease the tension coming from your mind to experience only serene moments.
  9. Exercise. Even a walk can be an ally to find your inner peace. Sport improves your mood, releases tension by restoring your mental, spiritual, as well as physical well-being.
  10. Find the meaning of your life. Serenity is directly proportional to the meaning of life because the more you move away from your goal, from your mission, the more restlessness and sadness you will experience. Fulfillment in life is focusing on your original structure, it’s reconnecting to your nature. You will find that the inner peace you seek is present in what you do and in the positive results you achieve.

Inner peace is a journey, it requires a lot of self-work and a deep degree of awareness. If you put in the effort, walk these steps you will notice big changes in your life.

When discomfort accompanies you on the path to serenity, be stronger than him by continuing to pursue your inner goal. peace: what it is and how to achieve it


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