New” ways to socialize

How do you really spend time in Corona times? This is a good question because what matters is STAY AT HOME. There is not much more to say about it really, but we all need social contact, so of course we are looking for ways to socialize that work – new ways of socializing.

This applies

We have all heard what is happening now that the Corona virus has taken over our society. We should stay at a distance, wash our hands most of the time and we should preferably stay at home, or in the vicinity of our home, as much as possible. These are not directly the best conditions for socializing, but we need socializing. Humans are social beings and the feeling of loneliness comes quickly.

“New” ways to socialize

We call it social distancing when perhaps it should really be called physical distancing. We are still allowed to be social but we need to find new ways to be. So what ways are there? Here’s what I did:

Video Conferencing
I’ve never talked to people as much on zoom as I’ve done in the last six weeks. Then zoom is still one of my most used work tools. My coaching happens that way. I have had meetings, talked to friends and had After Work.

There are many variations on this. There is zoom, Teams, Skype and it is possible to use FaceTime.

Balcony hanging
It is possible to gather on a terrace if you are not too many at once and everyone is sitting at a distance from each other. You can talk and laugh together even if you are not sitting right next to it. It is not possible to have a big party in other words, but you can probably be 4-5 people.

One evening I was sitting on the patio with three friends for several hours. Many blankets were used when it was minus degrees, but it worked.

In nature
It is absolutely perfect to meet for a walk in the woods or in a park. Walk some distance apart and talk while enjoying the amazing nature. Spring is amazing.

On a jetty
One of the nicest meetings I have had during this period is on a jetty in the marina near where I live. We each sat on a bridge stool (it is not called that but it looks like one) with good distances from each other. I brought a thermos of coffee and a thermos of tea and we sat there talking for almost two hours. Wonderfully!

Ordinary phone call
There is, of course, the usual classic phone call. It’s going well too. That’s the conversation we need. This talking about what is happening and how you feel is extremely important to us.


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