3 apps to download on PS4 PlayStation

The fashion of downloading applications is not only for those people who use smartphones or personal computers. No, now it is possible to do it from a video game console and enjoy the incredible functions that they offer you . This is why we are going to show you what are the best applications to download on PS4 or PlayStation 4?

There is no doubt that this console competes very closely with others, which each try to offer innovative services that keep their users tied to them. But the PS4 or PlayStation can offer you a large number of App that you can download perfectly from Sony’s virtual store, known worldwide as the Play Store.

Is that interconnection makes this possible, you can not only play from your console but you can also interact with your friends. Play music files, watch photos, videos and connect to streaming platforms like Netflix to watch your favorite series or movie. But you can also create and verify a PlayStation Network account very easily.

What are the best apps to download on PS4 or PlayStation 4?

The advancements that have occurred since the appearance of the first PlayStation video game console are incredible. But this is largely due to the interconnection that now exists and the appearance of equipment such as Smart TVs . Now we will name you the best apps to download on PS4 or PlayStation 4 , let’s get started.

In the first place we will name you Total Channel that by means of payment either for a monthly fee or for rent you can have access to 12 TV channels. This with the quality that HD images can offer you. With a wide variety of programming, movie channels such as Fox HD, events, shows and best of all, you can save them on your console.

Another option that we can download to our console is  Amazon Instan Video , it is an application that allows you to view audiovisual content on demand. The way you can have this App is very varied, you can subscribe, rent or buy. And you will enjoy a varied and entertaining programming that is mainly based on recognized films and series.

More apps to download on PS4 PlayStation

Now it’s the turn to talk about PlayStation Now offers the streaming service with more than 100 video game titles. You can have access to these games without having to download or install them on your console, you can play online for a monthly payment, but you must have a good internet connection.

Another App that will surely blow the heads of NBA lovers, is nothing less and nothing more than NBA Gametime. It’s amazing what you can do with this app, from watching live matches, you can alternate different sequences of games. And if you have the blood of a coach, you can create the strategies of the game through NBA 2k.

Share Factory , is a simply great application with it you can create videos in a very simple way and you can then upload them to other platforms. It does not require many edits, you only choose the video fragments that you are going to use, you will put them together and when you have 15 minutes, you can upload it, it works very well and surely you will have a lot of fun with this App.

One that many expected and was not only for mobile phones or PC is Spotify , through our video game console we will have access to an immense music library. If we do not have a lot of money we can use the Freemiun format, with which we can have access to a limited group of songs but it also becomes a tremendous alternative.

Last but not least, we will talk about Yomvy, it is very similar to the service it offers for PC, where you can enjoy Canal plus. So you can take your console anywhere and enjoy this channel that offers you a great variety of movies and famous series, it is really an excellent option.


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